Massachusetts program speaks to parents and youth alike

This week's Boston Globe reports on a successful instructional program developed by a local nurse at a private medical practice. The pilot Smart Sex Education Program seems to have "taken the edge off for many parents by pitching sex education to them as well as to youngsters." Offered free and conducted outside of school, the private, voluntary course has "drawn rave reviews from parents, who say it has made them more comfortable about discussing the awkward subject with their children."In addition to teaching the facts of life to middle and high school students, the creator of the course, Thu Anh Lewin, a nurse at Pediatrics West, holds classes for parents, "encouraging them to become the primary teacher about sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases, and healthy relationships."Beverly Jean Pinney, a local mother and course participant, said she appreciated Lewin's advice. "One thing that surprised me is, [Lewin] said don't have 'The Talk' with the kids. It's not one talk. It's a whole bunch of little talks [and] finding teachable moments."For the entire Boston Globe article, and more on Lewin's instructional program, including her format and curriculum for different groups, click here.

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