Midnight Health Care Denial Rule

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Well, our worst fears came true. The Bush administration today released the long-awaited health care denial rule. You know the one that more than 200,000 women's health supporters sent letters to the administration about asking it to stop the attack on reproductive health care.

I supposed we shouldn't be surprised after nearly 8 years of an administration that has relentlessly and purposefully interfered with access to basic reproductive health care services, including access to abortion, birth control, and quality sexuality education. But one would have thought that the public outcry against the proposed rule would have made them at least soften the blow. It didn't.

We feared that the rule would threaten access to birth control. It does. We feared that the rule would put the objections of individuals and institutions over the health care needs of patients. It does.

For years, federal law has carefully balanced protections for individual religious liberty and patients' access to reproductive health care. The Bush rule flies in the face of this balance and takes patients' health needs out of the equation. The rule expressly permits health care workers to refuse to provide complete and accurate information and counseling to women who seek services. At the same time, it fails to require refusing providers to either notify their employers or their patients of their objections to providing care. The result: women will have no idea if someone they rely on to put their health needs first is giving them all the information they need to make thoughtful decisions about their own care.

The silver lining in all of this is that the clock is ticking and come January we will have a new president and a new Congress. It's time to cash in on campaign promises and ask the new folks in town to restore the balance and ensure that women can get the reproductive health care they need.

- Louise Melling & Vania Leveille

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cognitive dissident

Pardon my nitpicking, but do we want to be talking about "cashing in" on Obama's campaign promises?

This gives the impression that we're profiting from his promises, instead of expecting that he act with honesty and integrity by honoring them.


Not only is this bill going to affect ladies with respect to birth control and abortions, it can also affect a slew of others.

Because of the vague language, gays and even single people can be targeted. Infertility doctors are already denying lesbian couples and unmarried women the right to artificially inseminate. If one wants a sex change, he/she better know if the doctor is morally on board.

And although Obama is already voicing that he will reverse it, it may take some time to do so. Luckily, Senator Clinton and Senator Murphy have already proposed a bill to reverse it.



This rule does not just affect reproductive health of women. Another scenario is that if a person has HIV/AIDS and the health care worker believes that HIV/AIDS is a divine 'punishment' they could refuse to prescribe and/or dispense live-saving drugs.

Even more, the health care worker could be/convert to Christian Science and as a result would refuse to prescribe/dispense any medication at all for any health issue at all.

This rule is so broad that anyone involved is covered and may refuse to be a party to whatever they object to. This includes ward clerks, cashiers at the pharmacy, insurance billing clerks (can you imagine them refusing to bill a procedure to your insurance?), anyone who has any task to perform - not just the nurses and doctors.

Make the argument for everyone - and it will get even more attention than just women's reproductive health. This thing is way bigger than that.


Its called murder.
Hey heres a thought.. you dont want to get pregnant? Well how about this, dont have sex. Sickos.

Donald DeWayne Woods

You cannot see the forest for the tree's in this midnight denial of health care rule...Let me broaden your horizons...

It's just the governments way of imposeing their civilian death machine....My wife who's critically ill and whom I've been the caregiver of the last 18 years, was denied her health care recently, she got a certified letter saying in these evil doctors coded words, "given our significant philosophical differences in our view, of your appropriate health care, we will no longer treat you..."

And then they TRIED to put the BLAME on ME....didn't work though..I'm total quality management perfect in every way, I am The Smoky Mountain Seventh Son, Jesus Christ born of the Devil, my cajun daddy wus a pistol and I'm his son of a gun....I'm like the Teflon Don, everything they throw at me, nothing sticks, and I wind up mocking them like a tennessee loquacious mocking bird.

I am a member in good standing with the freedom from religion foundation in Madison Wisconsin. It's hopeless to get help from the ACLU and LEGAL AID down here in this lying bible thumping belt of plato's not so noble lie of all religions that hardens hearts and enslaves minds.

For it's the evil of 'indifference' as Eli Wiesel the holocaust survivor said...as I walk INCOGNITO amongst these hateful arrogant racist bigoted country bumpkins and border line morons, caused of course by their embraceing america's old manifest destiny doctrine where they are taught to use that Jesus Myth as a shield for all their wicked ass desires which art those seven deadly sins!

Now here's the grand plan...You help this handsome 66 year old devil, put the fear of the law in these health care providers minds, and scare the hell outta em, so's they'll reconsider their low down back porch white trash lying ways, and start getting back on the straight and narrow way and treat my wife in a Total Quality Management Way....and I will promise you, it will be like you signing that proverbial contract with this devil and I will grant you each and every wish you may desire...a shortcut to happiness that will be for sure....Your manifest destiny in America, the land of the free, and home of the brave....

I leave you with my calling card in special business prose....lol

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Old management goes and the new comes in,
For this is the way big business can win.
So if you are trying to manage your life,
Yet all around is chaos and strife,
Make up your mind that you too need a change
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in Cincinnati Ohio ..Took Gibson from a 30 million a year company in 1973 to 600 million a year by 1979 given what I knew about Screen Printing that they didn't.....That I was taught at Benco Plastic's here in Knoxville that my screen printing suppliers knew about.....That was one of the serendipity crazy things that's happened to me I still can't quite resolve... one of the founders of Gibson was a 'seventh son' from ireland. The late great Helen Steiner Rice, inspirational poet laurete and editor at Gibson was my MENSA angel and platonic mother during her lifetime. She hexed my mind with this verse of personal prose sent to me at LaTuna Federal Prison in her booklet of poems entitled New Beginnings that won my parole.

Especially for Donald Woods...May your probation turn out to be for you, a Time of New Beginnings, and New Dimensions Too. In Which you find Fullfillment of a Very Special Kind, that brings not only Satisfaction, but Real Joy and Peace of Mind....


I'VE FOLLOWED THIS PROSE AS MY GUIDE TO LIFE EVER SINCE...You might try it too, it's just the magical POWER OF WORDS conjured and memorized upon your brain...get muh drift?

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Larissa Aletti

The Bush Administration seems to have a problem with womens issues.He is making it hard for us to get medical care.I know all too well,I am having serious health issues.I have several surgeries comming.I just had surgery #32 Nov.13,08.Medicaid keeps trying to put the bill on someone else,accident or fall, no it is health related.I am in a wheel chair and need a van I cannot afford so my son can transport me to doctors offices.The city paratransit costs me too much and refuses to go where all the doctors are moving to.I know it is a violation of the law yet no one makes them do what they are responsible for.
I am an A.C.L.U. member and I have my NAACP supporter card.I am watching the situation as I'm in and out of doctors offices.
Also,see my web site at http://housinginc.blogspot.com andclick on take me to the site


A few obvious facts: The genders are not created equal. Males cannot reproduce without females!! Most of us love children (despite the properganda of the lesbian controlled NOW org.) If we want children we have to support a woman as well as the children we wanted!! If females want children: a few minutes in a bar will suffice! It seems that while loveing and supporting a woman, the woman can deny US our reproductive rights, in other words we don't have ANY! Genetic theory says that baby is half ours!! But-- we aren't allowed any say. I have no respect for males that won't support their children, but--again the system denies ALL of their rights. Enforced child support without enforced visitation. In most states no right to contest the payments, amts. or whether the money even is used for the children! There IS another side of the matter other than NOW's. Luckily I got to spend time at Christmas, with my children and grandchildren. THE greatest pleasure in life!! (my brother had none, was always selfcentered and bitter, he died alone, leaving no heirs). My ex gave me 3 wonderful sons and daddys little princess. I could never hate her no matter what, Playing with my grandchildren, I thank God she didn't believe in abortion!!!

Iowa's war on c...

Recently Iowa decided to put those of us who have chronic pain and use prescription pain meds on a registry like a drug addict.I suffer chronic pain,I'm going back in surgery Feb.17th.I was just there Nov.13,08. I was in for a torn rotor cuff that was misdiagnosed by a former doctor several months.The same doctor negligently would not take care of the need for a total hip replacement for 18 mos. I am 24 months late getting medical care due to his and his referral orthapaedic surgeon.I have doctors taking care of late surgeries.
The Dept. of Health and Human services or AHRQ on the net brings up the problems people with chronic pain have. There is the fact people who have chronic aren't getting their pain taken care of properly by the doctors.One reason is doctors are afraid to take care of the pain problems due to laws like the pain medicine registry Iowa and other places have.Many physcians report the aggravation at the restrictions put in place for their patients at their office.They report spending hours trying to get procedures and medications their patients need. Medicaid of Iowa has a big problem with refusing patients the need for medicine and procedures as it is.These barriers to care have little to do with the physcians,it is long waits to get into pain management clinics and the way these clinics are run and what rules they have that cause the barriers.
When Iowa imposed the chronic pain registry the Iowa Civil Rights office stepped in and said not so fast.They let the state knoe what needed changed.However,that won't help me much as surgery is Feb. 17th.To date I haven't been using a pain management clinic as they haven't been much help.I do not get much sleep at night due to the pain.I'm not always as pleasant as I usually am,I get a little short with people who have less problems then I have.
I am in a motorized wheel chair,it doesn't fit in my sons car.I end up using a manual wheel chair my doctors do not want me to use.I cannot affotd a van to transport the wheel chair.I carry papers on me in case of an emergency,the condition of my spine - It more or less caved down.I need a house that can be turned into a handicapped house.Des Moines Iowa doesn't have enough affordable,suitable, handicap accessible housing for my situation.
We as a nation do not deal with chronic pain and disabilities very well.Some one needed to step up on this issue who deals with serious health issues like I have to. My health is rated acute due to my health problems and the surgeries I need.Iowa fails when it comes to taking care of the disabled & elderly.

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