Missouri Is Having Its Own Wendy Davis Moment

Right now, something big is brewing in Missouri.

For the last several hours I've been standing with Missouri women at the state capitol – and they're just getting started. Inspired by Wendy Davis, they're staging a 72-hour Women's Filibuster – keeping at it for another 50 hours, staying all day and all night (and all day and all night and all day again), to show Missouri politicians they've had enough of them playing politics with women's health.

The women and men speaking at The Women's Filibuster are unstoppable. When wind challenged the technology they are using to live-stream the entire filibuster, they never stopped speaking about the dangers of the bills. When thunder, lightning, and rain rolled in yesterday evening and they had to run for cover, they continued. And when the Senate passed HB 1307 in the middle of the night just when the cold was setting in, they vowed to press on.

This session, politicians in Jefferson City have spent countless hours considering more than two dozen bills that are hostile to women's health. One of the worst bills would extend the mandatory waiting period for a safe, legal abortion to 72 hours, creating a three-way tie between Missouri, South Dakota, and Utah for having the longest forced waiting period in the country.

The Senate passed the bill in the dark of night last night, and the House already passed a similar bill.

Women in Missouri already must receive support, counseling, and information before an abortion, and wait 24 hours after that initial visit.

This law would do nothing more than attempt to shame a woman who has already made her decision.

It's disappointing that the Senate decided to ignore women's voices. But that just has the women here raising them even louder.

Join us. Tell #moleg why you #StandWithMoWomen as they continue the #womensfilibuster. And watch the live-stream of The Women's Filibuster.

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I think they should outlaw filibusters, because they're the biggest waste of time I've EVER seen. Everybody thinks they have nothing BUT time on their hands. Well they DON'T have unlimited time. There's a beginning of time and an end for mortals, and what's in between the beginning and end certainly could be better spent IMO by NOT holding out like hell just to get what you want. As if any equally stubborn person isn't ALSO going to hold out like hell against it, subsequently wasting huge chunks of time that could be spent helping the world.
I'm really distressed about the concept of time today.
It happens on every birthday.


Its a shame and embarrassment that women are so selfish and ignorant that they will support infanticide in the on going struggle for so-called feminist movement. So babies have to be butchered in the womb to satisfy the radical left. The Aclu and all women supporting this are just selfish, mean face, clip haired, bitter and angry, radical liberals.

Luckily there are 5 votes on the U.S. supreme court to uphold these laws. Kennedy, Scalia, Thomas, Alito and Roberts. 5 to 4


Well, I've NEVER been a liberal and neither has a DAMN body in my family, and every family member I have wants you to get an abortion when NOT getting one is going to inconvenience THEM and their plans in ANY way, shape or form.
Then you could always be a disgusting, selfish, hedonistic bastard who donates sperm and then runs out on every responsibility you ever had, which judging from the last comment, I'd bet money I don't have that you would be the first one to do such a thing. Then piss and moan and make excuses about how your young age is what made you run out on your family and not your disgusting attitude about the world at large.
And every man who throws away their wives at 40 to take up with a stupid young bimbo in her 20's is the SAME kind of selfish bastard they're calling everyone else.
Even Johnny Depp (a person I respect for other reasons) has done this despicable behavior, as if there were anything wrong with Vanessa freakin' Paradis. As if she doesn't have more brains in her pinky fingernail than stupid-ass Amber Heard has in her entire body.
I respect him for other reasons but since I also like his daughter I don't exactly like that he felt like he had to throw away a woman in her 40's for one in her 20's.


First, abortion isn't infanticide. Second, the right to body autonomy and exercising that right - including to terminate a pregnancy or carry it to term - is not granted on the basis of your personal opinion on whether or not the decision is selfish or ignorant. Preserving a woman's body autonomy and access to health care is not a demand for women to have abortions. The core word is "choice." Or if you prefer, "freedom". (And as pregnancy comes with a whole slew of physical hardships and potential complications including death, abortion is absolutely part of a woman's healthcare.)

In addition, as more states continue to push for legislation that restricts access and adds requirements that have no medical basis ( including demanding doctors provide women with information that is false) women have a right to be angry. Being angry at a group that tells women they have no right to make decisions about their own body and health does not diminish the validity of their position, either. I also fail to see how any other of the name calling is relevant to the discussion.


I fail to see how calling it choice when a person DOES terminate a pregnancy qualifies as "choice" but not also "terminating the pregnancy."
Maybe people should go abort their child and then 50 years later see if they've never thought of what the fetus could have become - Rue McClanahan, who played Blanche on the Golden Girls, DID terminate one of her pregnancies. She went to Mexico to do it, but she said for the whole rest of her life she never stopped thinking about what the fetus could have become, whether it would have been a boy or girl, wondering what its hopes and dreams would have become if she hadn't felt she needed to abort the fetus.
It's not simply making a choice when you get an abortion - it's called terminating the pregnancy.
It's not simply making a choice when you keep the baby - it's called deciding to continue the pregnancy.
People insist on the word 'choice' being applied to it because they refuse to admit they believe that people in this world have a right to end their pregnancy. There's nothing wrong with acknowledging it.
I'll come right out and say that I believe it too, although it's not because I want to see pregnancies terminated. I have no ability to terminate a pregnancy of my own. I simply understand the one concept that so many people insist on being obtuse about, which is that you have no control over what a total stranger decides to do with her growing fetus and it's none of your business anyway. It's none of MY business, although I hate that I have to pay for the abortions of people who get them through Planned Parenthood or other state-paid abortion programs.
There's nothing I can do about it though, except to vote them out - those who expect me to pay for a total stranger's abortion but demand I personally stay out of her business. Well fine. Then keep my money out of her business too.


You've lived a very sheltered privileged life if you can't even imagine the thousands of reasons why a woman might need an abortion. I can only imagine that you think if it were you dying in hospital these laws would magically not apply to you because...well i.e. Your doctor says you will die without (chemo, abortion, etc...) and hey...you don't believe in abortion right. Nope....you will die along with all the other "Selfish" women because they will not break the law to save you and your family will stand in the halls with blank faces unable to comprehend why a politician and not a doctor decided what care you got.

It should enrage everyone to see how politicians are using willful ignorance of women's health issues to trade for money, for votes.

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