Standing on the Precipice of Success for Abortion Rights

Smiles are big and hopes are high here in South Dakota with the first numbers of 55 percent NO and 45 percent YES. With these early results,  the optimism of the campaign to defeat the abortion ban has proven to be correct.  We are hopeful that we're standing on the precipice of another clear democratic mandate for access to reproductive health.

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Missy Harral

I am looking at your website for the first time and I am finding very interesting things. My question is this. How can you support abortion but call for the shut down of Guantanamo and the ending of "extraordinary renditions" by the CIA where you say people are kidnapped and tortured. How can you say that you are for America when prisoners in Guantanomo are known terrorists that if had the chance would shoot down Americans on site. If you could give me some more insight on how you could believe in this, I would appreciate it. Thank you.


No where on this website do I see the rights and the civil liberties of the unborn mentioned here. It seems to me this organization is based only on satisfying the selfish needs of the individual, rather than improving the moral fabric of our society. The ACLU should be disbanded with its leaders being tried in court for condoning such murderous acts and treasonous tendencies.


The bigger issue you pro-life people are missing is the fact that abortion is all about the woman's health. Don't any of you remember that before abortion, most women died in labor. How dare you ask that we disband this women's health issue. Don't you realize that w/o abortion, we would have some 50 million women who would now be dead. Where's your common sense.

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