Victory Called in South Dakota!

With word that MSNBC has called defeat for the South Dakota abortion ban, mouths are open and shouts are heard throughout the gathering of reproductive rights supporters here in Sioux Falls. Victory is coming soon...for the second time an abortion ban will be defeated in this state. This is a great night for the women and families of South Dakota and the nation.

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Liberal hater

Good for you left-wing liberals. Now you can keep poking scissors in the back of babies head and suctioning out their brains or maybe shoot an acid into the mothers womb and burning INNOCENT, HELPLESS babies to death.

Oh yeah, you leftist should be real proud of yourselves. I guess 50 million abortions isn't good enough for you. Hey, maybe you can try for another 50 million!

Left Wing Liberal

And you can keep on supporting the birth of unwanted babies to financially and emotionally unprepared mothers who then neglect and abuse these children throughout their lives or, at best, dump them off in foster care where someone else can take over the job of scarring them for life and ensuring their ultimate end at a prison or a rehab center.


Your graphic details of an abortion are dead on liberal hater!! That's exactly how it is done!


Thats HILARIOUS coming from an agency run by a man that got his own kids taken away! Fight to kill them, then abuse them! Get some morals!

Stay Informed