This Week More Troubling Abortion Bills In Alabama

Some legislators in the Yellowhammer State seem intent on bringing the hammer down on Alabama women.

Less than a month into the new year, the Alabama House passed HB31 which would permit hospital staff, including any doctor, nurse, counselor, or lab technician, to refuse to participate in any phase of patient medical care related to ending a pregnancy, even if that is what a patient like this woman needs to protect her own health.

Not content with just one bill that poses a grave threat to women, some Alabama politicians are attempting to push through into law four additional anti-abortion measures.

Today, the Alabama House health committee passed a package of bills designed to roll back women's health by blocking access to abortion. The package includes:

  • A bill that would ban abortion as early as six weeks into pregnancy, before many women even know they're pregnant;
  • Two bills blocking care for 48 hours after a woman's initial consultation with her doctor (for no medical reason);
  • And a bill that puts burdensome and needless restrictions on minors' access to abortion.

We are likely to see intense debate and media coverage of the proposed six-week ban, but these other proposals are also critical. While the end goal of anti-choice forces remains overturning Roe v. Wade and making abortion illegal, politicians like the ones spearheading these efforts in Alabama have figured out that short of accomplishing this goal, they can effectively take away access by chipping away at access.

These extremists think we won't notice that they are trying to block access to safe and legal abortion care, regardless of a woman's circumstances. Let's prove them wrong.

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Vicki B.

I don't understand how they DON'T know they're pregnant unless I'm the only ungodly "regular" person I know. You can set a damn calendar by how routine MINE comes along. If even one week passed without it rearing it's monstrous head, I'd know something was wrong. I wouldn't even be able to go 3 DAYS w/out knowing something was wrong. It's really freakish how constantly on time I am.

But after 20 weeks any damn body in creATION ought to have known for at least a month and a half. Even the most irregular woman on the planet ought to know by the time she's halfway through the entire pregnancy. That's 5 months along and 4 months without Mr. Monthly Visitor putting in an appearance. You'd have to be remarkably exceptional to be THAT irregular.

I don't believe in waiting longer than 20 weeks to get an abortion b/c it's not safe IMO and that's a professional viewpoint. Besides that, it's well into the second trimester, which is what concerns me.

right wing and proud

Funny How the radical left wing groups call Christians who stand up for the unborn extremist. While at the same time the can cut and butcher a baby in the womb. Oh But they are not the extremist. right!!


How can you be up in arms about minors having restricted access to abortions? Do you really think their parents want to have no say in the birth or not of their own grandchildren? Just b/c the pregnant woman is carrying it that means all the decisions are limited to her? Even as a minor child?
That makes no sense to me, probably b/c I have a daughter. I don't think a decision as big as THAT one would be a good thing for a teen girl to make alone if you know what I mean. Not saying she SHOULDN'T, but you have to admit it's a life-changing decision. One way or the other, it's going to be one of those chockful-of-meaning choices.

One who once vo...

I think it's even "funnier" how "Christians who CLAIM they're standing up for the unborn" don't give a rat's patootie about people living and breathing OUTside the womb, people who just happen to have committed the 'high crime' of being "indigent" - not unlike Jesus himself.
You people would have rejected your own Messiah if you didn't already know he was King of kings.

He was born in a stable for a reason and you people are going to be mightily surprised when he doesn't fall over with gratitude and asks why it was so important for you to take food away from indigent children and infants.
The government's done it twice now and not a damn ONE of you has complained about THAT.

I was never like that even when I was voting for Republican presidents. I never could have agreed to something the government did that snatched away food money from children and babies living outSIDE the womb.

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