Win One for Sexuality Education

We had some exciting news this week. After two years of organizing, parents and teens in Pittsburgh are celebrating a victory for comprehensive sexuality education. On Tuesday night the Pittsburgh school board voted 8-1 to drop the district’s abstinence-only-until marriage approach and to put in its place a curriculum that gives students the information they need to make healthy and responsible decisions about sex.

We featured the early stages of this organizing effort in last year’s Freedom Files episode, The Freedom to Know: Sex Education .

We applaud everyone who helped make this battle to ensure that Pittsburgh schools provide students with accurate and complete information about contraception and help them develop the skills they need to lead healthy lives. Now let’s hope our federal government sees the light and stops funding failed abstinence-only-until-marriage programs in our federal budget. You can help by sending a message to President Obama urging him to fund comprehensive sex education.

As Pittsburgh goes, so goes the nation. . . .

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Good grief. Yeah, lets be encouraging and educating our kids about sex before they should be having it? Sure, sounds like an excellent idea! If you want to keep throwing our tax money to the pregnant teens who now need food stamps and overrun the WIC programs because they were young and stupid and let their hormones rage... because the school says "hey, it's okay!" I'm all for no sex before marriage. It's a God-given institution for MARRIED people. I very much enjoy sex with my husband, and will be teaching those morals to our children. Sex is for when you are MARRIED, and for no other time in your life. Let's be responsible people here and stop living in the flesh. You all scare me with you whako ideas on sex ed.

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