Attorney General Jeff Sessions Has Just Doubled Down on the Immoral, Racist, and Counterproductive War on Drugs

Attorney General Jeff Sessions knows that the United States is the world’s leading incarcerator. We imprison more people than any other nation in the world. But apparently he likes that distinction because he just doubled down on it, guaranteeing that more people will be locked up for drug offenses in America’s federal prisons.

Yesterday Sessions issued a new policy reversing the work done by former Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. to reduce long mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenses.

Tell Sessions: the War on Drugs must end

The 2013 Holder policy, as well as other federal and state reforms, was beginning to work. In 2015, the incarcerated population in the United States fell to its lowest level since 2004. The number of people in state and federal prisons dropped by 2.3 percent, with 40 percent of that drop due to fewer people in the federal Bureau of Prisons. In fact, President Obama was the first president in at least 40 years to leave office with a smaller federal prison system than he started with.

President Donald Trump and his attorney general are doing everything in their power to paint a disturbing and even apocalyptic vision of America.

Overall, crime rates backed up this new strategy. Crime peaked in the United States in 1991, and today’s crime rate is less than half what it was in 1991. While there are some troubling increases in crime in specific cities, Americans are living in one of the safest periods in recent American history.

So when most Americans learned that the incarceration rate in the United States began to decrease and that overall crime rates were at historic lows, they cheered the news. Advocates on the right and left called it a good beginning, the dawning of a new era of a smarter and more equitable criminal justice system, while at that same time recognizing that there is much more work to be done.

President Donald Trump and his attorney general don’t like this new direction, and they’re doing everything in their power to paint a disturbing and even apocalyptic vision of America — one that is now being used to justify draconian policies that will lead to more Americans in prison.

Listening to Attorney General Sessions and to President Trump, you would think that America is living through a crisis of crime. Sessions constantly talks about a crime epidemic, selectively using statistics in a way that is misleading, and sometimes even outright lying. In his swearing in, Attorney General Sessions talked about a "dangerous permanent trend" of increasing crime. Yet that was a lie. There is no evidence of a national crime wave, as right now we’re living at a time when the crime rate is historically low.

But with this new directive, Attorney General Sessions is now implementing policies based on lies and misleading facts. He is directing federal prosecutors to increase a failed War on Drugs that has devastated the lives of millions of Americans, ripping apart families and communities, particularly Black people and other people of color, in a vicious cycle of incarceration. And he has already issued an order that will lead the federal government to rely more on private prisons, whose bottom line will increase under Attorney General Sessions’ new order.

If there is any good news to report, it’s that the American people are fighting back. From state legislatures to the ballot box, the American people have said with a clear voice that they want commonsense reforms to sentencing and drug policies, not a return to the draconian policies that have already cost us too much. Each day the ACLU and our allies on the right and left are fighting for an end to mass incarceration. From Louisiana and Texas to Pennsylvania and California, the movement to end mass incarceration is thriving in the states and in cities.

And there is nothing that Attorney General Sessions can do to stop this peoples’ movement.

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Your mom is funded by George Soros.


In the 70s there were 350,000 people in prison. Today that number is 4 million and counting. You would think Washington would have learned by now that locking people in a cage is not working. Jeff when I see you on tv you make me sick. You remind me of Bush. Try something new like helping people before they are forced into a life of crime.



Eric Owens

It would be helpful to inform potential jurors of jury nullification so that these prosecutions end. If government will not act out the will of the people, then the people need to make it clear they are not going to stand by and allow it.

Fully Informed Jury Association

Chris J

Any chance Sessions owns stock in any of these private prison companies? You'd think he'd be smart enough to divest before becoming AG, but then again...

David Gabe

Jeff Sessions you are one nasty mother F***er. One thing we can do to combat this is educate people about conspiracy laws and mandatory minimums. Does everyone know that if you commit one small act in a large conspiracy- say owned a home where a small amount of drugs are that you can be charged with the whole scope - meaning all the drugs that people have that are connected to the king pen? Also did you know that when they weigh the drugs as in LSD they count the medium? You can get 10 years for 2 sugar cubes. How about ghost drugs? If you agree to purchase 2 kilo of coke from an informant - even if the drug does not exist - you are getting 10 years. Have a guy in the house or on you - 25. Everyone wake up!! How are we going to solve this national debt by locking up people like this. Jeff Sessions you are the devil


Yup, he's evil and not to bright.

Walter Boyd

Thanks for sharing the news. The news helps me update the information in no time. editor)

Common Sense

Or, maybe people of whatever color they are didn't break the law and wind up in jail like dumbasses. Just a thought.


Stay Informed