Empirical Study Confirms That American Muslims Do Not Pose a Threat of "Homegrown Terror"

Today, the N.Y. Times reported that Charles Kurzman, author of a study by the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security, concludes American Muslims pose "a minuscule threat to public safety." The report found that 20 American Muslims were charged in violent plots or attacks in 2011, down from 26 in 2010 and 47 in 2009. It also found that not a single murder in 2011 resulted from extremist violence by Muslims in the United States.

This empirical study provides further evidence against alarmist claims of a so-called “homegrown terrorist” threat from American Muslim communities. These false claims have done deep damage, and were the basis for Congressional hearings that questioned American Muslim communities’ loyalty to the United States. Yet, these claims are grounded in nothing but bias, stereotyping, and an unsupported equation of belief in Islam with terrorism.

The most effective means for the government to address security threats is by focusing on real threats of violence or on violent behavior, plain and simple. Discriminatory attitudes and prejudiced policies that target American Muslims — like misguided Congressional hearings, FBI racial mapping, the infiltration of mosques, and NYPD surveillance of Muslim communities — do nothing to make us safer. They may even undermine crucial bonds between American Muslim communities and the government that are critical to effective law enforcement.

It’s both ineffective and unconstitutional to stigmatize any American community as “suspect” simply because of its beliefs. The American Muslim community is no exception.

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Since this story broke, I've been saying --without knionwg of anyone in high places saying the same and without any evidence -- that there was a real danger in alienating Muslims. As I remember, Jennifer Hunt's Seven Shots opens with an incident where a terrorist crime by Muslims is prevented because another Muslim who knew about the bad guys went to the cops. You need that kind of sentiment. If I knew that the cops had been watching me and all my other co-religionists just because of my religion, I might not be so quick to rat out one of "us" to "them."And imagine the reaction if the cops were doing something similar to any other religious or ethnic group. Suppose that because of Bernie Madoff, the cops were inspecting all financial transactions of all Jews.


Religious freedom - yes, every time. What concerns me is when a purported religion is actually a political ideology, packaged as a religion. It can pass as a religion, sure, but then by stealth morphs into something more akin to an ideology. I'm sure this wouldn't happen to Islam, nowadays, which once controlled a vast swathe of Middle East and Europe, or could it? Citing relevant documentation to show how this 'morphing' could take place is easy enough. Oh well, what would I know?


The only thing I know is that not even one of the 19 terrorists were what I can only ASSUME is a "homegrown terrorist." None of them was born here and all of them got their information from outSIDE the United States.

Well the one who I think is most responsible for making it happen besides Usama bin Laden made all his inquiries and purchases in Hamburg, Germany. Not here.

And it doesn't matter anyway b/c doing all this isn't going to make up for what they willfully ignored beFORE 2001.
It won't bring them back no matter WHAT the government does, and they should have listened before then.

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