Meet the Company Making $1.4 Billion a Year off Sick Prisoners

Frankie Barton's son has Hepatitis C. It's treatable, but she says the for-profit Corizon Prison Health Management has skimped on giving him the proper treatment while he's incarcerated. If he goes without care, he'll develop sclerosis of the liver—a condition that can lead to death.

Frankie's son isn't unique. He represents Corizon's business model: less care, higher profits. People get sicker, Corizon makes more. And somehow it's attracting new customers. Just last week, Corizon inked a five-year, $1.2 billion contract with the state of Florida. This means that Corizon is now getting taxpayer money in 29 states. And they're vying for more.

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Corizon has been sued 660 times for malpractice over the last half-decade. As Corizon nurse Diane Jackson said, "We save money by skipping the ambulance and taking prisoners directly to the morgue." That's one of the ways they generate an estimated $1.4 billion every year. As long as Corizon is motivated by its bottom line rather than the health of prisoners, there will always be a perverse incentive to not provide treatment.

Corizon is just one of the many powerful companies getting rich off mass incarceration. Our Prison Profiteers video series exposes the abusive institutions rigging the U.S. criminal justice system.

Corizon and other profiteers should not be able to get away with this. They need to know we're watching. Join our fight against at

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That's not a nurse who said that. That's the devil's own DAUGHTER.

They look down on ambulance personnel anyway, even when it's NOT a for-profit business.

I'm a paramedic, or used to be before the physical disability made it too hard to continue the work. And I can't even count the number of times we've been snubbed by people, who seem to care more about their own professional status than they do the patients.
Some paramedics are like that too, but I believe you don't belong anywhere in the field of health care unless you actually DO care about the patient. And that goes for not a few doctors I've worked around over the years.
If money's the only thing you care about become a Trader for a company that trades in the billions. You'll certainly make a lot more money that way than working in health care.

My friend used to work at the World Trade Center for a company that traded in millions and he's wealthier than any health care worker outside of a doctor.


News flash: Rich Hallworth has been fired from Corizon just one day after this video was posted.

It may be because their parent company's financial rating went down in September...but it'd be nice to think this video had something to do with it too!


I know first hand what this company is doing my son is in a Florida prison that just went private, he has a muscle disease and I am now fighting to get his medicine every month, he just saw the doctor who said you will no longer be seeing specialists that I am going to be your Rheumatologist, this doctor is a primary care doctor only. My son said the stories I can tell you about guys with cancer not getting there treatments, this is human beings lives here, Rick Scott should be ashamed.

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