Told You So: Florida's New Drug Testing Policy Already Costing Taxpayers More

We've told you a few times about Florida's horrible new law that drug tests all families applying for cash benefit welfare applicants. The law, which went into effect July 1, makes applicants front the cost of the drug test and reimburses individuals if they test negative.

The ACLU and others predicted this program would be a failure and cost the state of Florida much more money than they would save. Guess what? In just the few weeks that the program has been in effect we have been proven right.

The Department of Children and Families' central region has tested 40 applicants since the law went into effect six weeks ago, and of those 40 applicants, 38 tested negative for drugs. The cost to the state of Florida to reimburse those 38 individuals who tested negative was at least $1,140 over the course of six weeks. Meanwhile, denying benefits to the two applicants who tested positive will save Florida less than $240 a month.

The ironic thing is that Florida should know better. They ran a similar pilot program a decade ago but ended up scrapping it because it cost the state way more money than it saved.

Like many other states, Florida is broke. To save costs it is cutting good, successful programs like Healthy Start which provides prenatal care and parenting education. Why are they cutting budgets for programs that work, instead of ones that don't?

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Scott H

Financially, this exactly like the State of Florida being able to buy 1 year bonds that yield 150% over that year.

This is an enormous money maker for the state.


ACLU proves once again that they have no idea about reality..just a leftist agenda. 40 applicants does not make a 'test' pass or fail.
Test the CURRENT welfare recipients, to see if they continue to get benefits.. want that next check? come pee in a cup..


FL's policy is, in reality, extremely liberal. This opinion's argument has shaky logic at best. FL could easily implement much more draconian measures that would really be cause for concern. I really do not see how you can rationally oppose this (unless you do drugs).


They clean themselves for probation, so why not for this. The answer is to randomly test so they do not know it is comming. A MUCH higher percent will fail.


Great, this should be enacted nationwide. If you do the drugs, do the time without my hard earned dollars. Regarding rehab, did you offer to do community work while getting community dollars? The answer is more than likely NO! Then go cold turkey, the same way you treated the people who helped you. Enough of this wiping butts for butt-less people who want a hand out, earn your way in life as we did or do without. It's time to put a stop to this entitlement mentality and kick them square in their butt-less butts. FOR THE ACLU, BE GRATEFUL FOR THE PROTECTION THAT YOU HAVE UNDER OUR CONSTITUTION, HOWEVER BE CAREFUL THAT YOU DON'T GO TOO FAR AND DESTROY YOUR VERY EXISTENCE.






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