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Americans Are At Risk of Forgetting Slavery and Repeating Our Mistakes

Juneteenth is a celebration of African-Americans' emancipation and a reminder of the horrors the U.S. can't afford to forget.

By Edward C. Davis IV
June 19, 2018

A TV Mega-Merger That’s Bad for the First Amendment

The Sinclair deal combines unprecedented market control with a pattern of forcing local TV stations to run propaganda.

By Jacob J. Hutt
June 19, 2018

How Police Can Stop Being Weaponized by Bias-Motivated 911 Calls

Police departments should instruct dispatchers and officers to exercise independent judgment when responding to biased calls.

By Carl Takei
June 18, 2018

Over 150,000 People Tell Amazon: Stop Selling Facial Recognition Tech to Police

By making this technology cheaply available, Amazon is empowering police to track vulnerable groups with staggering ease.

By Kade Crockford
June 18, 2018

No, President Trump, You Are Not Above the Law

Trump's insistence that he can pardon himself cannot be reconciled with a government operating under the rule of law.

By Amanda Shanor
June 18, 2018

Dads Are Stepping Up Their Fight to Receive Fair Parental Leave

Everyone benefits when there’s more workplace support for fathers.

By Josh Levs
June 15, 2018

People in Jail Deserve Effective Drug Treatment Not Forced Withdrawal

Under the ADA, opioid addiction is not a character flaw — it is a disability that requires treatment during incarceration.

By Amy Roe
June 15, 2018

Border Patrol Commissioner Kevin McAleenan’s Family Separation Denial

These comments mark the administration's latest attempt to paint this inhumane policy in a decent light. It’s not working.

By Jenny Samuels
June 14, 2018

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