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When Kicking Around an Orange Gets You On Probation

I was in 8th grade. I just didn’t want to get in more trouble, so I signed the papers, like I was told to.

By Andrew M.
July 26, 2019

This County Criminalized Students for Bad Grades – Until Now

Today, we filed a landmark settlement that will end the relationship between the probation department and school districts in Riverside.

By Sarah Hinger, Sylvia Torres-Guillén
July 25, 2019

Hawaiians are Taking to the Streets and Exercising their First Amendment Rights

We’re ensuring the right to protest and cultural access at the world’s tallest mountain.

By Kathleen Wong, Rae Shih
July 25, 2019

Trans People Led the Fight Against HB2 in North Carolina. And We’re Winning.

Transgender people in North Carolina cannot be banned from facilities based on their gender under H.B. 2 replacement law.

By Joaquín Carcaño
July 24, 2019

With the Right to Boycott Under Attack, Some Members of Congress Are Pushing Back

In a sea of anti-BDS legislation, a resolution championing the right to political boycotts emerges.

By Manar Waheed, Kate Ruane
July 23, 2019

Arkansas Wants to Make Sure You Know ‘Almonds Don’t Lactate’

An Arkansas law censoring plant-based products isn't just absurd and unnecessary, it's unconstitutional.

By Brian Hauss
July 22, 2019

Washington, D.C. Residents Deserve the Full Benefits of Citizenship

Those against statehood for D.C. support denying civil liberties to their fellow Americans.

By Monica Hopkins
July 19, 2019

Pompeo’s New 'Human Rights' Commission is Up To No Good

The Trump administration appears to be trying to find new moral footing for the president’s discriminatory policies.

By Jamil Dakwar, Sonia Gill
July 12, 2019

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