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Doctors Who Facilitate Torture Must Be Held to Account

To prevent further stains on the medical profession, the names of those involved in torture and executions need to be made public.

By Kerry Sulkowicz
December 10, 2018

No Relief: William Barr Is as Bad as Jeff Sessions — if Not Worse

Barr's record suggests he will continue the former attorney general’s worst policies while promoting a sweeping view of executive power.

By David Cole
December 7, 2018

CIA Torture Killed My Father. I Want to Know What They Did With His Body.

The truth hurts, but it also helps.

By Hajira Hematyara
December 7, 2018

New NYPD Drone Policy Represents a Serious Threat to Privacy

The police department’s drone policy places no meaningful restrictions on the invasive technology’s use and threatens New Yorkers’ privacy.

By Michael Sisitzky, Simon McCormack
December 7, 2018

Americans Endorsed Voting Rights in 2018, but Some State Lawmakers Want to Sabotage These Victories

State legislators are ignoring their voters’ wishes and engaging in new tactics to suppress the vote.

By Brian Tashman
December 6, 2018

President Trump Is Accelerating the Militarization of the Southwest Border

Under President Trump, the slide toward a fully militarized border between the U.S. and Mexico is happening rapidly to the detriment of civil rights.

By Cynthia Pompa
December 5, 2018

Why I Ended the Horror of Long-Term Solitary in Colorado's Prisons

Long-term isolation has disastrous physical and mental health effects that can amount to torture. The practice must be abandoned across the nation.

By Rick Raemisch
December 5, 2018

Does the Second Amendment Protect Only White Gun Owners?

Recent police killings of Black men for possessing guns they were legally carrying shows the racial double standards of “the good guy with a gun."

By Carl Takei, Paige Fernandez
December 5, 2018

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