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How America Systematically Fails Survivors of Sexual Violence

#MeToo exposed the widespread silencing and dismissal of survivors and the need for our institutions to do better.

By Sandra Park
October 16, 2018

The Spirit of 1968 Lives on Today in Athletes like Colin Kaepernick

Tommie Smith and John Carlos staged a stunning protest at the ’68 Summer Olympics. Fifty years later, rampant racial discrimination remains.

By Jeffery Robinson
October 16, 2018

Police Reform Is Coming to New York City, but Will the NYPD Follow the Law?

Police reform legislation will go into effect this week in New York City, but the law depends on the NYPD acting in good faith.

By Michael Sisitzky
October 16, 2018

On Election Day, the Voters of New Hampshire Can Protect Their Privacy in the Digital Age

Ballot question 2 seeks to guarantee that residents' right to privacy in their "private or personal information is natural, essential, and inherent."

By Chad Marlow, Neal Kurk
October 15, 2018

Supreme Court Enables Mass Disenfranchisement of North Dakota’s Native Americans

A restrictive law will make it hard to vote for people who live on reservations in rural areas and don’t have street addresses.

By Ashoka Mukpo
October 12, 2018

Police Brutality Against Black Kansas City Man Caught on Video

Police encounters too often turn violent or deadly for people of color across the nation.

By Gillian Wilcox
October 12, 2018

Oops — Did Police Accidentally Reveal Unconstitutional Surveillance When They Tweeted a Screenshot?

We’re demanding Mass. state police release their browser history and bookmarks to see if they’re targeting progressive protesters for surveillance.

By Nasser Eledroos
October 11, 2018

Washington Supreme Court Abolishes the Death Penalty

Washington is now the 20th state to abolish capital punishment as the public continues to sour on the barbaric practice.

By Cassandra Stubbs
October 11, 2018

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