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The 2018 Midterm Elections Were a Big Win for Criminal Justice Reform Ballot Initiatives

Voters made it clear that they’ve had enough of President Trump’s “tough on crime” rhetoric.

By Udi Ofer
November 7, 2018

New York Registration Deadline Prevents Tens of Thousands From Voting

The 25-day cutoff is an unnecessary and outdated burden on New Yorkers’ right to vote.

By Emily Rong Zhang
November 7, 2018

The Supreme Court Will Decide Whether Maryland Can Display a 40-Foot Latin Cross

The case could drastically alter longstanding precedent protecting the separation of church and state and send a devastating message to non-Christians

By Heather L. Weaver
November 6, 2018

ICE Detention Center Says It’s Not Responsible for Staff's Sexual Abuse of Detainees

Officials at the detention facility are trying to avoid responsibility by arguing that the detainee “consented” to sexual abuse.

By Victoria López, Sandra Park
November 6, 2018

A Tax-Funded Child Welfare Agency in Philadelphia Wants to Turn Away Same-Sex Couples Like Us

Faith-based child welfare agencies are challenging the city’s nondiscrimination policies, which protect LGBTQ foster parents and the kids they serve.

By Shannon Graves and Paige Davis
November 5, 2018

In Trump’s Hands, the Census Becomes a Weapon

We use the census as a tool to build power in communities. The administration wants to use it against those communities.

By Steven K. Choi
November 5, 2018

The ACLU Mourns the Passing of Ramona Ripston

For nearly four decades, Ripston led the ACLU of Southern California and turned it into a civil liberties and civil rights powerhouse.

November 5, 2018

Catholic Social Services Wants a License to Discriminate Against LGBTQ Foster Families

The needs of those in the child welfare system should come first, not the religious preferences of agencies receiving taxpayer funds to care for them.

By Leslie Cooper
November 2, 2018

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