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A Second Chance for Separated Families

The Trump administration agrees to allow separated families to apply for asylum under proper procedures.

By the ACLU Staff
September 13, 2018

A Smith College Employee Called the Police on Me for Eating Lunch While Black

A student opens up about experiencing racial profiling at Smith College and what she expects Smith to do to address it.

By Oumou Kanoute
September 13, 2018

Louisiana Mayor Caves on Attempted Ban of Nike Products

The city of Kenner’s policy of preventing booster clubs from buying or accepting delivery of Nike products is unconstitutional.

By Alanah Odoms Hebert , Brian Hauss
September 12, 2018

It’s Time to Close a Loophole in the Constitution’s Double Jeopardy Rule

State and federal prosecutors should not be permitted to prosecute someone twice for the same offense.

By David Cole, Somil Trivedi
September 12, 2018

A Missouri Town Will Finally Stop Banishing Residents for Reporting Domestic Violence

In a sweeping settlement, the city of Maplewood has agreed to overhaul an ordinance that discourages crime victims from coming forward.

By Sandra Park
September 12, 2018

Trump Administration Threatens International Criminal Court Judges and Prosecutors for Doing Their Jobs

John Bolton’s threats against ICC judges and prosecutors give solace and comfort to war criminals.

By Jamil Dakwar
September 11, 2018

Why Are So Many Indigenous People in Montana Incarcerated?

A new report from the ACLU of Montana documents the disproportionate way Indigenous people are incarcerated for parole and probation violations.

By Sarah Mehta, SK Rossi
September 11, 2018

Is a Florida Chief Judge Taking Cues From a Prosecutor?

A Florida state attorney took issue with some of the judges he appeared before. Now they’re off the criminal bench.

By Jacqueline Azis, Somil Trivedi
September 10, 2018

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