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When Colleges Confine Free Speech to a ‘Zone,’ It Isn’t Free

Arkansas State University’s policy requiring preapproval from the school for protest anywhere on campus violates the First Amendment.

By Emerson Sykes, Vera Eidelman
February 7, 2019

How to Shine a Light on U.S. Government Surveillance of Americans

Before Congress votes to reauthorize key spying laws, it must demand answers.

By Noor Zafar, Neema Singh Guliani
February 6, 2019

Ohio Bucks a Bad Trend With New Police Body Camera Law

The state’s new law on wearable police cameras strikes the right balance between transparency and privacy.

By Chad Marlow, Gary Daniels
February 5, 2019

The Supreme Court Is Considering Whether the Government Can Dodge the First Amendment by Outsourcing Its Power

A case about a video banned from public access cable TV could have important implications for our constitutional rights.

By Lamya Agarwala
February 4, 2019

High School Could Have Been Hell for My Transgender Son. Don't Make It Hell for the Next Kid.

I had hoped that my son would wait until after high school to come out as transgender. But I realized I'd prefer a thriving son over a dead daughter.

By Melissa DeStefano
February 4, 2019

ICE Partners Again With a Sheriff It Once Severed Ties With Because of Racial Profiling

Sheriff Terry Johnson is known for racial profiling. He just secured $2.8 million in taxpayer funding to do ICE’s bidding.

By Alissa Ellis
February 1, 2019

Congress, Don’t Give DHS Unrestricted Authority to Build a 'Smart Wall'

What Congress must do to ensure that border technology doesn’t trample on the rights of border communities.

By Neema Singh Guliani, Michelle Fraling
February 1, 2019

What Breastfeeding Has to Do With Economic Security

A recent study from the Center for WorkLife Law reveals the heavy toll of breastfeeding discrimination and the pressing need for more protections.

By Liz Morris, Jessica Lee
January 31, 2019

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