ACLU by the Numbers, Part III

The ACLU online team has put together an index to show how important the ACLU has been over its 90 years of defending the Constitution — and how many challenges we still have in front of us. This is our last installment:

Year the ACLU first took on creationism in public schools: 1925

Year the ACLU last took on creationism (disguised as "intelligent design") in public schools: 2005

Number of ACLU members at close of 1925: 2,250

Number of ACLU members at close of 2009: Approximately 500,000

Percent of our 2010 budget that the ACLU stands to lose as a result of losing our largest individual donor due to financial circumstances: 25

Number of days you have left to make a year-end donation to the ACLU: 1

We hope you'll join us in defending our freedoms in the coming year. Please donate today.

And have a Happy New Year!

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The Patriotic U...

The ACLU will never defend
The Constitution,for them it is an obstruction to be undermined 24/7


What Constitution are you speaking of
Patriotic uprising that Of Stalinist Russia or that of Iran?

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