Annotated: Obama’s Proposed Authorization for the Use of Military Force Against ISIS

President Obama just sent Congress his proposed legislation to authorize his use of military force against ISIS. An Authorization for the Use of Military Force against the group is long overdue given that the president has been conducting airstrikes against the group since last summer. While the White House has taken a constructive step by finally engaging Congress on the issue, the proposed text would provide the executive yet another dangerously overbroad war authorization. I’ll show you what I mean in the annotations to the president’s text below.

If Congress grants authority for the use of force against ISIS – as the Constitution requires for any use of force – the authority must be significantly more limited and more specific than the authority the administration has proposed.

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That we even get such a document from a president proves we've come a long way! Although just getting Congressional approval is a major reversal in presidential policy, there's no reason the document shouldn't be as good as possible. The sentiment of this blog entry is 110% correct: We don't want anymore limitless wars.

I think Congress should seek to add something in particular to this document. Shouldn't there be a provision in there about how the president must try to get other countries (especially in the region) to also do a lot of heavy lifting on this mission? Imagine if no one else in the region fought this one out. Should the US really go this one alone? Maybe the provision could have a kill switch: if there are not at least X other countries in on this, then the US is out.

The text-markup / annotation-system that was used here is pretty good. Very good tool.


ISIS is global threat.

Every responsible Government should unite the efforts against ISIS and similar forces.
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ISIS is against World,Peace and General Law and Order

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