The End of America in NYC

In case you’re old-fashioned and like to see your movies on the big screen, not the computer screen…The End of America, a new documentary from Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg, based on the New York Times bestseller by Naomi Wolf about this country's descent into a surveillance society, opens tomorrow, December 3, at the IFC Center in NYC.

If you can catch tomorrow's 6:30 p.m. showing, ACLU National Security Project Staff Attorney Ben Wizner will join Wolf, co-director Ricki Stern, and producer Avram Ludwig for a Q&A about the film. If you can't make that showing, here's a list of other notable guest speakers who will join Wolf and the filmmakers following the 6:30 p.m. show times on these dates:

12/4 - Kurt Opprechet, Ten Men; Vlad Teichberg, Glass Bead Collective; Eileen Clancy, iWitness Video
12/5 - Michael Ratner, President, Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)
12/6 - Heather Woodfield, Director, Democracy for NY
12/7 - Common Cause
12/8 - Vincent Warren, Executive Director, Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)
12/9 - Wende Jager-Hymen, Executive Director, Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership

More information on The End of America can be found at and on the film’s site

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c. neff

Why doesn't the ACLU stop the muslums from taking over the Nations Banking regs in the Federal guys place. Aren't the Muslums tring to get the Feds to use their form of banking. Last I heard, it's the way Muslums paid for arming their terrorist armies and are trying to under mind our way of life. In fact if you look into it there is a Muslum in the US Gov. in one of the DC seats.

c. neff

Have you read or heard any part of what they believe and that it's OK! for them to lie if it means they can get the better of who ever or what ever they want.
So why should any AMERICAN pay for them to do this, no matter what belief any body might be.

c. neff

I say Americans need to get in gear and stop this. So if you really stand for Americans rights, get on with it!!!!
Check who's backing the AIG place.


It is outrageous for the DHS to target veterans and conservatives as possible domestic terrorists. This is not isolated. The State of Missouri is targetting pro-life and gun rights activists and those who support third party candidates. Does the ACLU condone such illegal activities as long as they are directed toward those on the right?

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