Make School Safe for Everyone!

Be on Constance's side. Be on every student's side.

Constance McMillen, whose school canceled her prom rather than let her take her girlfriend, will be in Washington, D.C., this weekend with student leaders from all over the country for GLSEN's Safe Schools Advocacy Summit. They're there to advocate for legislation that will make schools safer and more accepting for all students and prohibit the kind of discrimination that Constance has experienced. Support Constance and students across the country by taking part in the Safe Schools for Everyone weekend.

Take just three easy steps and in ten minutes, you can make a big difference for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students in America's schools.

1. Show Your Support!

Show your support for Constance by changing your profile picture on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other online sites to our "Prom is for Everyone" logo for the weekend. Not only will you be letting all your online friends know that you support the right of Constance and other students to bring same-sex dates to prom, but you'll also be generating awareness online.

To download the logo, right click the image (Ctrl-click on a Mac) and choose "Save Image As..." Save the image somewhere you'll be able to find it easily, like your desktop. Then log in to your social networking site and upload the image as your profile pic. Facebook, MySpace and Twitter have instructions on how to upload a new profile picture.

Constance McMillen

2. Take Action!

The Student Non-Discrimination Act — a bill pending in Congress — would prohibit LGBT discrimination in K-12 public schools and provide remedies when schools discriminate the way Constance's school has. Use our action page to send your member of Congress an e-mail asking them to sign on to this important piece of legislation.

3. Spread the Word!

Let your friends know about Constance's story and how they can help and you multiply the amount of support you're putting behind her. Post this page to MySpace, tweet about it on Twitter and share on Facebook and help spread the word. Use our official URL:

On behalf of Constance and the ACLU, thanks for participating in the Safe Schools for Everyone weekend. We know that with your help, we can make schools safer and more accepting for all students.

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Constance has no right to take a female date to the prom. It's in the schools code, plain and simple. Quit trying to destroy all semblence of morality in America. Quit trying to blind people into believing homosexuality is normal and non-destructive.


I think its great work you are doing.

The Old Man

Well, she's getting her 15 minutes of fame.


How about the ACLU supporting the freedom of School Boards and Educational District Leaders creating policies and rules, which represent the demographics and moral ethics of their county? Really...what's up with all the ACLU bullying?


your mom is a nice lady but your grandma is a whore she sucked my dick so hard last night her teeth came out of my butthole how many teeth christopher walkins


I respect each individual's opinion, but I'm appalled that ACLU would allow the comment above. I hope it will be removed soon.


#1 In what way is homosexuality at all destructive to society? A brash and broad statement I strongly doubt you can back up without the unabashed abuse of misinterpreted scripture.


the school's code violates civil rights. It should be challenged, as it has been.

Madeline Swanson

Your morals are not everyone's morals.

Stay Informed