Michigan: First Medical Marijuana State in the Midwest!

With today’s victory for the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, Michigan voters have pulled off a major breakthrough for the medical marijuana movement.Michigan is the first state in the Midwest to approve it — and, with 10 million people, it’s also the second most populous state to do so.

Medical marijuana isn’t a new issue in Michigan. Voters in five Michigan towns and cities – Ann Arbor, Detroit, Ferndale, Flint, and Traverse City — have previously approved medical marijuana, and legislation attempting to do so has been introduced in the Michigan legislature several times.

Michigan’s new law, sponsored by the Michigan Coalition for Compassionate Care, will allow patients suffering from debilitating medical conditions including cancer, glaucoma, HIV, AIDS, hepatitis C, MS and other conditions to use marijuana with a doctor's recommendation. It would require the department to create an ID card system for qualified patients and their designated caregivers and would allow patients and caregivers to grow small amounts of marijuana indoors in a secure facility, with limits on the amount they could possess. It would permit both registered and unregistered patients and caregivers to assert a medical necessity defense to any prosecution involving marijuana. At the same time, it would place some restrictions on the medical use of marijuana, including prohibitions on public use of marijuana and driving under the influence of marijuana.

The initiative’s passage is all the more amazing considering the well-funded opposition campaign’s desperate and blatantly dishonest attempts to stoke the fears of Michigan voters.

Over the past dozen years, 14 states have now passed laws protecting patients who use medical marijuana when recommended by a physician. Medical marijuana ballot initiatives have been passed in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Maine, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington, while losing only in South Dakota. In addition, over the past five years, Maryland, New Mexico, Rhode Island and Vermont have passed medical marijuana laws through the state legislative process.

Now that nearly a quarter of Americans live in a state that recognizes the medical legitimacy of medical marijuana when used with a doctor’s recommendation, let’s hope the new Obama administration makes good on his campaign promises to end the federal government’s deliberate campaign to undermine state laws.

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Go Big Blue. Be sure to celebrate by allowing 18 year old snotty rich kids that have gotten their, "medical," to purchase their green lighter for the first time they toke up the blunt. I saw this happen in California a few years ago and you are fooling yourself if you think this is not happening in your state too. She was healthy but had "chronic back pain"

I watched her buy the lighter in celebration while at the convenience store in Big Sur.

Enjoy the fall out from this one. The Dr.'s should make out well.


blaaaaah blaaaaaahh blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. you can use any colour lighter you want, actually!

michigan toker

I am so happy. So so Happy

michigan toker

My Grandma Just died from cancer after almost three years of fighting. I have a cousin who's wife has MS and am friends with an ex- military man who's back is severely out of whack. If "snotty rich kids are what your worried about than that is just selfish."


As a Michigander and a Hep C patient I would first like to thank the Michigan people for using compassion at the voting booth. I have been a marijuana user for nearly 40 years now. I admit that when I first used it - it was for recreation, however, I developed Hep C 14 years ago. My doctors say that it was likely the result of vaccinations I received to go to the police action in VietNam. I tried all of the pharmiceuticals and nearly died from my treatments. Then the depression set in and I thought that all was hopeless. It came as a surprise to me that smoking good marijuana actually made me feel better, both mentally and physically. I started growing my own medical grade about 10 years ago, and was fearful of the police, my neighbors and had to keep a sharp eye on who I invited into my home. Now, with the voice of the people speaking loudly, a great burden has been lifted from my shoulders. Had the law not changed, I would have continued to grow my medicine, so, THANK YOU MICHIGAN! Thank you for reminding me that this is an enlightened and compassionate place to live.

Tired of my pai...

My biggest question is do I need to have a prescription from my Dr? And how in the world can you find a Dr. to prescribe it?

I have MS and debilitating back spasms, but I 99% certain that my Dr. would rather have me on Soma, Vidodin, and Xanax.

Can any one help me with how this is going to work, and how soon it will be activated???????????


Now can we keep the Border Patrol off them?

Although the fact sheet at http://www.aclu.org/privacy/37293res20081022.html only mentions ferry terminals, Washington state has Border Patrol roadblocks at least 60 miles inland from the ferry terminals now, and they're busting people for documented medical marijuana:


Come on , didn.t any of these cops live in the 60's

tin man

Federal law suprecedes State law...the civil war is over....capitalism won...unfortunatly. Now Mariuana smokers want to destroy the last peace of free-enterprise left and then tax the shit out of the exchange? Makes me think dope is for dopes.

Creating oppositions groups and front groups is a way to control opposition


help? My Mother currently has her medical marijuana license and lives in Elk Rapids, Michigan. She has been diagnosed w/ terminal brain cancer. She currently lives in local federal low income house based off of her disability Recently my Mother received a 30 day eviction noticed due to her medical marijuana use/growth in a federal building. Does she have any rights? What can I do to help her? She will have nowhere to go if they evict her!

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