Ideological Exclusion

The ideological exclusion provision is a law enacted as part of the Patriot Act that allows the U.S. government to deny entry to noncitizens who have "endorsed or espoused terrorism." The practice of ideological exclusion violates Americans' First Amendment right to hear constitutionally protected speech by denying foreign scholars, artists, politicians and others entry to the U.S.
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Banned From America For Political Views? (UPDATED)

Banned From America For Political Views? (UPDATED)

By Nusrat Choudhury, Staff Attorney, ACLU Racial Justice Program at 10:09am
UPDATE (11/19/2013): Following a delay of more than year and a half, the State Department last week finally granted Kerim Yildiz, a U.K. citizen and advocate for Kurdish human rights, a visa to travel to the United States.  The blog post below, from last month, details Yildiz's problem getting a visa. (More info here from Inside Higher Education, which ran a story about Yildiz.)
UK Ideological Travel Ban Helps Hate

UK Ideological Travel Ban Helps Hate

By Gabe Rottman, Legislative Counsel, ACLU Washington Legislative Office at 12:42pm

So, this sounds like as good a time as ever to make a counterintuitive argument.

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer—two notable critics of "creeping sharia" and the "Islamization" of America—were invited to speak at an English Defense League…

ACLU Asks State Department to Issue Visa to Palestinian Poet

By Farbod Faraji, National Security Project at 6:09pm

Today the ACLU and PEN American Center asked the State Department to speed the issuance of a visa to Ghassan Zaqtan, a widely-published and internationally respected poet and writer who had intended to begin a two-week book tour for his new collection,…

Ideological Exclusion Again?

By Suzanne Ito, ACLU at 1:02pm

Today, the ACLU sent letters to the Departments of State and Homeland Security asking them to grant a visa to Kerim Yildiz, a British citizen living in London. Yildiz, the executive director of the U.K.-based Kurdish Human Rights Project (KHRP),…

State Department Should Grant Visa to the "Bravest Woman in Afghanistan"

State Department Should Grant Visa to the "Bravest Woman in Afghanistan"

By Ateqah Khaki at 5:30pm

Late last week, the government denied a travel visa to Malalai Joya, an Afghan politician, writer, and human rights activist. Today, the ACLU sent a letter to Secretaries Clinton and Napolitano asking them to reconsider this decision.


Time to Retire Ideological Exclusion

By Suzanne Ito, ACLU at 6:28pm

Good news for the First Amendment! Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has signed orders earlier this week that effectively end the ideological exclusion of Professors Adam Habib and Tariq Ramadan, two prominent scholars who were denied visas to…

Don't Exclude Ideas at the Border

By Suzanne Ito, ACLU at 2:33pm

In 2006, before M.I.A. was rocking the Grammys nine months pregnant, the U.S. government actually denied her a visa to enter this country to work on an album. The reason she was kept out? The lyrics to some of her songs were considered sympathetic…

Another Victim of Ideological Exclusion?

By Suzanne Ito, ACLU at 12:58pm

Over the weekend, it was reported that renowned Columbian journalist Hollman Morris — one of 12 international journalists selected to participate in the prestigious Nieman fellowship program at Harvard University during the 2010–11 academic…

Irish Rendition Activist to Attend Accountability Conference in North Carolina

By Ateqah Khaki at 5:05pm

This week, as the ACLU welcomes our clients Professors Adam Habib and Tariq Ramadan to the United States — scholars who, until recently, were barred from entering the country because of their criticism of U.S. policy and who will be speaking…

NYT Calls for End to “Ideological Exclusion”

By Ateqah Khaki at 5:49pm

Yesterday, The New York Times opined about “ideological exclusion” — the practice of denying foreign citizens entry into the U.S. based on their political views and associations, rather than any suspicious activity — writing:

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