Marriage for Same-Sex Couples

Marriage Matters to Us

Marriage Matters to Us

By Chris Tanner at 3:20pm

Ten years ago in March, Lisa and I were first in line when Multnomah County issued marriage licenses to same-sex couples. We married immediately in our church, with our ministers, blessed with the presence of friends.

Ten years ago in November,…

Shana, Megan, and Jax

North Carolina: Let Me Take Care of My Son

By Shana Carignan at 11:25am

I live in Greensboro, North Carolina, with my family. My wife, Megan, and I flew to Texas to meet our son, Jax, over 4 years ago, who is now 6 ½. We have raised him to understand that his moms love him and would do anything for him.

But Megan…

Lennie Gerber and Pearl Berlin - Plantiffs

What North Carolina's Refusal to Recognize the Marriages of Same Sex Couples Really Means

By Rose Saxe, AIDS Project at 2:26pm

Think of what it would mean for someone who has been with their partner for decades to face losing a spouse, while the state...

My Big Gay Illegal Wedding Winners!

Meet the Five Winning Couples of "My Big Gay (Il)legal Wedding!"

By Alicia Gay, ACLU at 4:39pm

Almost 200,000 supporters of the freedom to marry voted for couples from across the country, to win the "My Big Gay (Il)legal Wedding" contest. The winning couples will each receive $5,000 towards the wedding of their dreams as part of our campaign…

When My Wife Died I Got a Bill for $300,000

When My Wife Died I Got a Bill for $300,000

By Midori Fujii, Plaintiff in Fujji, et al. v. Indiana Governor, et al. at 11:04am

As a lesbian of Asian descent, I hear not very kind comments based on gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation often enough. Most of the time I can blame ignorance, not take it personally, and not let it bother me. But the way I was treated when my…

If You Think Marriage Doesn't Matter - Think Again

If You Think Marriage Doesn't Matter - Think Again

By Roy Badger, Plaintiff at 12:32pm

I met Garth through mutual friends when we were both students at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I was immediately struck by what an amazing heart Garth has, and to this day I am amazed by his kindness and generosity.

I've been truly…

What If the Interracial Family in the Cheerios Ad Consisted of Two Dads?

What If the Interracial Family in the Cheerios Ad Consisted of Two Dads?

By Ian S. Thompson, ACLU Washington Legislative Office at 1:15pm

I don't know about you, but I love the Cheerios ad featuring the adorable daughter of an interracial couple. It's both sweet and charming, but what I really appreciate is its depiction of a family that is rarely visible on TV even though it is certainly…

It's Time to Come Out For Freedom

It's Time to Come Out For Freedom

By Alicia Gay, ACLU at 12:36pm

"We just want to be married."

These words from Jesse Tyler Ferguson, star of ABC's Modern Family, about his husband Justin Mikita, in a new ACLU video, reflect the simple motivations behind the nationwide movement to secure the freedom to marry…

Stripped of Recognition

Stripped of Recognition

By Joshua Block, LGBT Project at 2:12pm

Today, the ACLU filed a lawsuit against Utah to force the state to continue recognizing the marriages of more than 1,000 same-sex couples who were legally married in the weeks after a federal court struck down Utah’s bans on allowing same-sex couples…

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