Pelican Bay State Prison

"Solitary Confinement Should be a Last Resort"

By Rachel Myers, ACLU at 12:39pm
That is the title of this excellent editorial in the Washington Post, which takes on the issue of solitary confinement recently brought into the national spotlight by the hunger striking prisoners in California's Pelican Bay State Prison and other facilities across the state.

Correcting Corrections: Chuck Solitary

By Hector Villagra, ACLU of Southern California at 2:49pm

The Pelican Bay hunger strike has ended, but the conversation about solitary confinement must continue. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) must change its policies on solitary confinement for many persuasive reasons.…

Starving For Better Conditions in California Prisons

By Amy Fettig, ACLU National Prison Project at 12:54pm

How terrible would things have to be for you to stop eating and possibly starve yourself to death? For prisoners in California, their conditions of confinement — severe and prolonged isolation in small, windowless concrete boxes — have…

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