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ACLU Challenges South Carolina's New Anti-Immigrant Law

By Molly Lauterback, Immigrants' Rights Project at 5:43pm
The ACLU, along with a coalition of civil rights groups, yesterday filed a lawsuit against the anti-immigrant bill in South Carolina, the fifth state to pass an Arizona-style racial profiling law. Gov. Nikki Hayley's spokesman responded that she "understands that no American value is more sacred than the rule of law…And if the ACLU was really about what they claim to be, they'd stay out of our business and let us enforce our laws."
Immigrants Rights are Civil Rights

Gov. Brewer, Heed Your Own Advice

By Alessandra Soler, ACLU of Arizona at 11:30am

Several weeks ago, when Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed the anti-gay Senate Bill 1062, she urged us to "turn the ugliness of the debate … into a renewed search for greater respect and understanding." She cited "non-discrimination" as a core value among Arizonans...

What a Week! Three Appeals Courts Across the Nation Condemn Anti-immigrant Laws

What a Week! Three Appeals Courts Across the Nation Condemn Anti-immigrant Laws

By Omar Jadwat, Immigrants' Rights Project at 12:34pm

Three federal appeals courts decisions this week have added to what was already a lopsided score in favor of fairness and common sense, and against the snake-oil salesmen who managed to convince a few states and localities to enact laws discriminating…

Stopping South Carolina from Sharing Alabama's Fate

By Cecillia Wang, ACLU Immigrants' Rights Project at 7:37pm

The fate of civil liberties in South Carolina will be decided by year’s end. Today, a coalition of South Carolinians and civil rights organizations went to federal district court in Charleston to stop the last anti-immigrant law passed this…

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