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States Surge Forward on Immigrants' Rights in 2013

States Surge Forward on Immigrants' Rights in 2013

By Jonathan Blazer, ACLU at 3:17pm
As 2013 comes to a close, political pundits will no doubt say that the big immigration story of the year was the paralysis of national immigration reform inside the Washington D.C. beltway. That may be so, if all you're doing is counting lines of copy. But something else happened this year, an arguably bigger and certainly more decisive 2013 immigration story: over a dozen states approved one or more significant pro-immigrant measures, including common sense reforms advancing immigrant integration and equality in areas under the state's proper control. And for the second straight year, no new state followed Arizona down into the sinkhole created by its infamous SB 1070 law, which requires all police to verify the immigration of status of anyone they suspect to be undocumented.
After Gerardo Hernandez-Contreras’s deportation to Mexico, Aide Vasquez and her

How a Father Gets Deported for a Traffic Violation

By Neema Singh Guliani, ACLU Washington Legislative Office at 2:10pm

If you ask the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), it doesn't deport parents whose most serious crime is a traffic offense. In fact, according to its statistics, 98 percent of people deported fell into one of DHS's "priorities" – designed to deport…

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