Single-Sex Education

aka Sex-Segregated Schools

My Daughters Deserve To Be Taught More Than Stereotypes

By Jane Doe at 12:09pm
The following piece was written by a parent whose children attend Van Devender Middle School in Wood County, West Virginia. The ACLU and the ACLU of West Virginia sent a letter to the school in May demanding an end to an unlawful single-sex education program. The school board is expected to vote on whether to continue the program shortly. The author wishes to remain anonymous to protect her children’s privacy. Join the ACLU in our campaign to “Teach Kids, Not Stereotypes.”
The Young Women Who Taught Lane Tech a Lesson

The Young Women Who Taught Lane Tech a Lesson

In defiance of its male students, Chicago's Lane Technical High School decided to admit girls in 1971. The author was among the first class of freshman girls to enter that fall.

Madison School Board Rejects Sex Segregated School

By Galen Sherwin, ACLU Women's Rights Project at 10:13am

Early Tuesday morning in Wisconsin, the Madison School Board voted 5-2 against a proposal to start a charter school that would have segregated students on the basis of sex, relying on a model of “gender specific” instruction. …

Same Gender Education a Gimmick

By Ronald E. Jackson, Executive Director, Citizens for Better Schools at 11:30am

Here in Alabama and across the South, our public schools — and the children who attend them — are under continuous assault. Cuts in state funding, school closings and increases in school and class sizes are just some of the ways the quality…

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