als School-to-Prison Pipeline

Denying Education is Denying Opportunity

By Tiffany Donnelly, Racial Justice Program at 5:03pm
Today, the North Carolina Supreme Court heard the case of two young women in Beaufort County who were egregiously punished for their involvement in a weaponless schoolyard fight. These two African-American students were not only expelled from school, they were also denied access to an alternative school as well as home tutoring for an entire semester, effectively stopping their education for several months. The lawyers for the young women will argue that depriving these students of a semester of school is a violation of their state constitutional right to an education.

Speaking Up About School Discipline in Delaware

By Stephanie Patterson, ACLU of Delaware at 4:41pm

The case of Zachery Christie, the 6-year-old from Delaware who was suspended from school for bringing a camping utensil to lunch, is now a familiar story. Initially, his punishment was 45 days in an alternative school. Fortunately for Christie, the…

Handcuffs in Middle Schools, A Shock to the Conscience

By Joshua David Riegel, Racial Justice Program at 5:02pm

D.Y. is a 13-year-old girl from the Bronx who dreams of one day being a veterinarian and has always enjoyed school. This changed on the morning of October 7, 2009, when D.Y.'s mother dropped her and a friend off at school. D.Y. and her friend were…

In the Name of School Safety, Let's Not Repeat the Mistakes of the Past

In the Name of School Safety, Let's Not Repeat the Mistakes of the Past

By Georgeanne M. Usova, Washington Legislative Office & Alana Kuhn, Law Clerk, Washington Legislative Office, ACLU at 9:18am

Every parent should be able to send their child off to school knowing that he or she will spend the day in a safe environment.   For many parents across the nation, however, that peace of mind was shattered by the unthinkable tragedy that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December.  Today, the House of Representatives will take up the issue of school safety with a hearing in the House Education and Workforce Committee.  The ACLU has submitted a statement suggesting ways to ensure that schools are safe places for students to learn, grow, and thrive.

A Reality Check on Newtown: We Must Move Forward, Not Back

A Reality Check on Newtown: We Must Move Forward, Not Back

By Alex Berger, Legislative Assistant, ACLU at 3:29pm

I, like most Americans, watched in horror as the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School unfurled last December. As a former elementary school teacher, I could not stop seeing my former students as possible victims, and I was angry, confused, and eager…

Why We Advocate Against the School-to-Prison-Pipeline

Why We Advocate Against the School-to-Prison-Pipeline

By Courtney Bowie, Racial Justice Program & Jed Oppenheim, Southern Poverty Law Center at 12:14pm

EB’s story, common in many ways and tragic in most, demonstrates why we — as advocates against harsh school discipline policies — fight against harsh school discipline policies that funnel children from school to jail. When…

Overzealous School Discipline Keeps Students out of the Classroom

By Vesna Jaksic, ACLU at 6:47pm

The Washington Post ran a great editorial Tuesday pointing out how schools frequently overreact to misbehaving students, and why the resulting loss in classroom time does not lead to better behavior, nor improved school safety.

The editorial…

Bob Herbert: ‘The Mistreatment of Students by NYPD Demands Attention’

By Salima Tongo, Racial Justice Program at 3:00pm

Today, roughly 5,000 poorly trained and undersupervised School Safety Officers (SSOs) are assigned to New York City public schools. Although ostensibly charged with protecting the safety of students, many students, parents and educators are concerned…

Because He Dreamed

By Glendean Hamilton, Racial Justice Program at 11:30am

I recently completed my first semester at Smith College. You might think that I would no longer marvel at the fact that I am a student at Smith, but you’re wrong. Every time I walk into a lecture hall and see a Smith College banner I am amazed…

Keep Pennsylvania Kids in School

By Harold Jordan, ACLU of Pennsylvania at 3:18pm

Yesterday, the Dignity in Schools Campaign (DSC) released its National Resolution for Ending School Pushout. What is "school pushout," and why is it a national problem? Many students are pushed out of schools by harsh disciplinary practices…

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