als School-to-Prison Pipeline

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Honor Student Jailed and Fined for Missing School

Honor Student Jailed and Fined for Missing School

By Taurean K. Brown, Racial Justice Program at 12:57pm
Texas Judge Lanny Moriarity's decision to "make of an example" of 17-year old honor student Diane Tran succeeds only in highlighting the insensitive and counterproductive treatment of Texas juveniles in the state's criminal justice system. Judge Moriarty fined Diane and sentenced her to spend 24 hours in jail with adults charged with serious criminal offenses. The crime? Truancy. Tran is a straight-A student taking difficult college courses and missed classes because she has been working two jobs to help support a family torn apart by divorce and her mother's abandonment. Tran should, in fact, be made an example of, but not because of the number of school days she missed; Tran exemplifies the triumph of determination and hard work over serious adversity.

Bob Herbert: ‘The Mistreatment of Students by NYPD Demands Attention’

By Salima Tongo, Racial Justice Program at 3:00pm

Today, roughly 5,000 poorly trained and undersupervised School Safety Officers (SSOs) are assigned to New York City public schools. Although ostensibly charged with protecting the safety of students, many students, parents and educators are concerned…

High School Grad Can't Read His Diploma

By Deuel Ross, Racial Justice Program at 5:34pm

This past December, “Casey A.” — like most seniors — was excited to receive his diploma from the high school at Challenger Memorial Youth Center in Lancaster, California. Challenger is operated by the Los Angeles County…

Worse Than Slavery? Black Women and Families Face Extreme Accusations from Roadside Campaign

By Chara Fisher Jackson, ACLU of Georgia at 4:05pm

Last weekend, on the day designated to celebrate the abolition of slavery, an anti-abortion group decided to exploit the observance of Juneteenth to spread a demeaning and insulting message to the black community. Through billboards erected throughout…

Denying Education is Denying Opportunity

By Tiffany Donnelly, Racial Justice Program at 5:03pm

Today, the North Carolina Supreme Court heard the case of two young women in Beaufort County who were egregiously punished for their involvement in a weaponless schoolyard fight. These two African-American students were not only expelled from…

Keep Pennsylvania Kids in School

By Harold Jordan, ACLU of Pennsylvania at 3:18pm

Yesterday, the Dignity in Schools Campaign (DSC) released its National Resolution for Ending School Pushout. What is "school pushout," and why is it a national problem? Many students are pushed out of schools by harsh disciplinary practices…

Why Cops Shouldn't Be in Classrooms

By Taurean K. Brown, Racial Justice Program at 5:56pm

If we were all honest with ourselves, I am sure that we could recall a momentary lapse into delinquency at some point in our childhood, whether it was throwing a temper tantrum over a puzzle piece or being a smart alec to a teacher. These very same…

Because He Dreamed

By Glendean Hamilton, Racial Justice Program at 11:30am

I recently completed my first semester at Smith College. You might think that I would no longer marvel at the fact that I am a student at Smith, but you’re wrong. Every time I walk into a lecture hall and see a Smith College banner I am amazed…

Handcuffs in Middle Schools, A Shock to the Conscience

By Joshua David Riegel, Racial Justice Program at 5:02pm

D.Y. is a 13-year-old girl from the Bronx who dreams of one day being a veterinarian and has always enjoyed school. This changed on the morning of October 7, 2009, when D.Y.'s mother dropped her and a friend off at school. D.Y. and her friend were…

"Give Us Our Books, Don't Treat Us Like Crooks"

"Give Us Our Books, Don't Treat Us Like Crooks"

By Joshua David Riegel, Racial Justice Program at 1:15pm

So went the call for change on the steps of New York City Hall. On October 22, folks from the New York Civil Liberties Union and I participated in a rally at City Hall to raise public awareness about and garner support for the Student Safety Act.…

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