Title IX

Title IX, a groundbreaking statute intended to end sex discrimination in education, became the law of the land on June 23, 1972. While most famous for its requirement that schools provide girls with equal athletic opportunities, the law applies to all educational programs that receive federal funding, and to all aspects of a school's educational system. Title IX benefits both boys and girls and is the lynchpin of 40 years of efforts to promote and establish gender equity in schools. Learn more >>

Bullying Goes Beyond the Fist

Bullying Goes Beyond the Fist

December 6th, 2010, was a day in my life I will never understand, and probably never come to grips with. I thought that a school was the safest place to be — it turned out that I was never more wrong in my life. You see, that was the day I was raped at school and the day I went to a teacher for protection. I thought I would be taken care of. At age 17 you are not fully an adult. You rely on others who are adults to help you. This did not happen to me. I was told to "confront my attacker." My world began to spin. The bullying went beyond the fist. It went through the skin and bones to my very soul, and now I had no help at all. How was I going to tell my parents about this? What was going to happen to my world? In fact, the teacher I had told saw my parents that night and never said a word. Eventually my family and I turned to the police, but if it was not for a friend of mine I confided in nothing would have ever happened, and I wouldn't be sharing this with you or trying to pull others up through the hell they have been through.
Your School Your Rights — Ending Sexual Violence

Your School Your Rights — Ending Sexual Violence

By Alicia Gay, ACLU at 4:03pm

Each year, millions of school-aged children are victims of in-school violence, and approximately 81 percent of students experienced some form of sexual harassment during their school years. The epidemic of violence in schools isn't just tragic,…

Title IX — It’s More Than Sports

Title IX — It’s More Than Sports

By Alicia Gay, ACLU at 12:33pm

This week, as part of Women’s History Month, we'll be blogging about Title IX. This series will highlight some of the core areas of educational equality that this landmark statute covers.

It’s a Law Thing

By Adriana Zea, Lima, Peru & Adriana Zea, Lima, Peru at 5:13pm

You shouldn’t be scared… Nor ashamed Nor embarrassed If he harasses you, stalks you, threatens you, touches you, hits you, forces you… It’s not shame on you, but shame on him. So stand up. Break the silence. Habla!…

Your Rights, Darling, Your Rights

By Callie Kittredge, Sedona, Arizona at 5:08pm

This is to those who could never speak up. Maybe you didn’t know that when he first texted you, he would end up punching you, That black eye you didn’t know what to tell your mother. Repeatedly sending you text messages, following…

I Was Never a Cool Kid

By Olivia Oguma, New York City at 5:04pm

When I was in school I was never one of the cool kids But maybe, I wanted to be Other girls did too The girls who got attention from guys, thought they were cool Whether the attention was good or bad... "It’s better to be…

Do Women Have to Be Afraid, Even in Heaven?

Do Women Have to Be Afraid, Even in Heaven?

By Molly Houlahan, New Haven, Connecticut at 3:57pm

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month and this week the ACLU in conjunction with some of our youth clients and V-Girls, a global network of youth activists and advocates empowering themselves and one another to create the change they imagine…

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