Senators Push Back on Storing Naked Security Images

Senators Push Back on Storing Naked Security Images

By Suzanne Ito, ACLU at 12:20pm
Earlier this month, the U.S. Marshals Service admitted that it had stored more than 34,000 images of people who had passed through the millimeter wave body scanners at a courthouse in Florida. They were stored despite federal agencies' previous statements that "scanned images cannot be stored or recorded."
Body Scanner Humiliation Reportedly Sparks Alleged Assault

Body Scanner Humiliation Reportedly Sparks Alleged Assault

By Jay Stanley, Senior Policy Analyst, ACLU Speech, Privacy & Technology Project at 5:23pm

The Miami Herald and the Smoking Gun are reporting that a Miami TSA officer has been charged with aggravated battery after he attacked a coworker. The assault was reportedly sparked by the fact that the man's colleagues were making fun of the size…

"America's Tiniest Terrorist"?

By Suzanne Ito, ACLU at 2:39pm

Sometimes, it feels like we at the ACLU are fighting an uphill battle when we try to draw attention to just how bloated and ineffective the Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) airline watchlist is. We've pointed out that dead people,…

TSA Search Case on CNN

By Rachel Myers, ACLU at 4:17pm

On Friday, Steve Bierfeldt, treasurer of Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty, and Larry Schwartztol, fearless ACLU attorney, appeared on CNN to talk about our new lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security.

We filed the lawsuit on Steve's…

Put Those X-Ray Specs Back in Your Pocket, TSA!

By Chris Calabrese, Legislative Counsel, ACLU Washington Legislative Office at 1:37pm

Last Thursday, the U.S. House of Representatives dealt a sharp blow to electronic voyeurs everywhere by placing extensive restrictions on the use of electronic body scanners as part of airport security.

Known more colloquially as virtual…

Airport Insecurity

By Matt Bors at 2:18pm

Mood lighting. Soft music. Relax and kick off your shoes—someone is about to peek beneath your clothes. No, you aren't at the honeymoon suite yet—you're still stuck at the airport security checkpoint.

The Transportation Security…

What's on Jim Carafano's Laptop?

By Noam Biale at 3:47pm

He doesn't mind you knowing. In fact, he thinks it would be totally reasonable for you to seize and copy the contents, provided you're a government official and he's crossing the border.

In recent testimony, and in an article in yesterday's…

TSA: "Every Voter Counts" (At the Airport)

By Nicole Ozer, Technology & Civil Liberties Policy Director, ACLU of Northern California at 6:22pm

Originally posted at the ACLU of Northern California's blog, Bytes and Pieces

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) set off a minor firestorm in the blogosphere over its new ID policy, which went into effect this past Saturday.…

Terrorists Can be VIPs Too!

By Suzanne Ito, ACLU at 1:21pm
The federal government has given Americans few reasons to trust it lately. From warrantless wiretapping to the surreptitious establishment of Total Information Awareness, the government is doing everything it can to keep a close eye on its citizens;…
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