Always Practice Safe Voting

Do you practice safe voting? The ACLU presents its top 10 “safe voting” tips. Voting is fun and exhilarating, but never to be taken lightly. Be sure to always act safely and responsibly when exercising your right to vote. It’s how to make your vote count.

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UPDATE: Check out the ACLU's Voter Empowerment Cards for specific information about voting in your home state. Go to

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tip # 11 - I exercise my state's right to open carry - packing a little extra heat in the voting place is always a good idea to remind people that our individual rights are not granted by the government but are inalienable.


Our guarantee of Democratic rights depends on our participation all the time, not just at voting time. I think these times are calling people to realize that freedom is a constant struggle against forces that seek to dissolve our constitutional rights. Thanks for this clip, it empowers people to claim their rights by being informed.

James Wilson

tip#12 ignor tip #11.
Pyco's needs to stay home elction day.

Anis Rahman


Claudia Hatfield

Thanks for the great tips. I enjoyed the clip. Keep up the wonderful work you all do!


ACLU, FYI,could not get the video to appear on this page no matter what I did.

NRArights,I am a strong supporter of gun ownership and I own rifles, shotguns, and handguns.

Your plan may be legal but does not show good judgement, unless you are trying convince people by intimidating them. I predict that your showing up packing visible heat will not garner admiration but concern and perhaps the scrutiny of law enforcement.

Protect your home and family. But, if you feel the need to carry in public, conceal your weapon.


I sure hope something is be done about those States were people are been told that they are not register and some of them are, this should checked out ASP.

Don't let them republicans steal another election. Get a many people such NAACP, Civil Rights lawyers,Lawyers for Obama and ACLU. Take action now time is running.


Ignore tip #11 and read tip #6 again.

carying a gun in plain sight is considered brandishing in some states and CAN get you locked up.


You can't get it wrong after you see this video!

Sally G

I thank you for this video, information we all need. I only wish it had been sent out before the registration cut-off date in my state, which was Oct. 14. Nevertheless, I will print out and pass out the cards. How many of the telephone numbers will be active on Election Day? Has there been consideration given to making Election Day a national holiday? This would certainly help turnout, IMHO. Also, in some states absentee and provisional ballots are not counted unless the difference between candidates is smaller than the number of these ballots, so voting at the polls is the best way to be sure your vote counts.

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