Election 2012: Let Me Vote

Do you know what you need in order to vote this year? How about your grandmother? Or your neighbor?  

With a pivotal election less than two months away, we’re launching “Let Me Vote,” a nationwide voting rights campaign to make sure all Americans have the information they need in order to vote.

In a time when dozens of states are trying to make it harder to vote, we need to ensure that everyone—especially students, the elderly and communities of color—know their rights. We all need to fight back against voter restrictions, but in the meantime, we can beat these new barriers by getting ready to vote now.

Many states’ voting rules have changed – watch our video and learn how to get your vote in easily, get your vote counted, and make sure your voice is heard.

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To get ready to vote:

1. Make sure your registration is up to date, especially if you’ve moved.
2. Find out now where your polling place is.
3. Consider voting early.
4. Find out if you need an ID.  Make sure you have one that’s valid.
5. And if anyone challenges you about voting, don’t get mad – get help.

Check out aclu.org/letmevote and you’ll find more voter information for your state.  And share our video with someone who might not be ready to vote.

Remember -- it’s your civic duty as an American to join your family, friends and community at the ballot box. Take responsibility and stand up for what you believe in, because your vote matters!

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Tim Duncan

What is the point of voting?


mmmm you need a photo id to get cold medications social security medicaid and loook you need a photo id to get in at the democratic national convention we must stop voter fraud

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