Trump's Voter Suppression Efforts Have Begun

This piece originally appeared online at The New York Times

Last Wednesday, Kris Kobach, the secretary of state of Kansas and the vice chairman of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, wrote a letter to all 50 states, requesting that they send the commission the personal information of all registered voters.

This includes full names, birth dates, addresses, political affiliations, voting history and last four digits of Social Security numbers. The letter says that all documents provided to the commission will be made public.

What could possibly go wrong?

There are obvious data privacy concerns. Digital security experts have called the plan a gold mine for hackers. Mr. Kobach’s letter says the data will be held on a “secure FTP site,” but offers no details. Mr. Kobach himself appears to be backtracking, recently saying that, notwithstanding his request to other states, he will not be giving Kansas voters’ Social Security information to his own commission.

More important, it’s obvious that the commission collecting this information is intended to sell President Trump’s lie that he “won” the popular vote (once you deduct the millions of supposedly illegal votes, of course).

We know this because Mr. Kobach, the de facto head of the commission, is a champion of that lie: “I think the president-elect is absolutely correct when he says the number of illegal votes cast exceeds the popular vote margin between him and Hillary Clinton,” he told reporters last fall.

This commission is not meant to ensure that America’s voter rolls are accurate. It is meant to disenfranchise voters.

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I agree. Billionaire Trump has more than enough money and close family members to be able to pay for data through a syndicate. Sound familiar? Mafia overtones permeate this administration. And I don't mean Italian mafia, though they are probably involved, I mean 10 or more close family members who have lots of money and can create accounts at banks and on the internet to capture whatever data he(trump) wants.

Trump is a mafia boss of a rich empire of family members. He got elected president and now they are in charge.

Ego is running America right now. Humility will rule once the bullets fly.

Jan C

So far, 40 states are refusing full compliance. Both Republican and Democrat. There just isn't any trust in this administration. This is yet another case of Trump putting the fox in charge of guarding the hen house.


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If suppressing illegals from voting I'm all for it. Otherwise, who and where has this fictitious American been suppressed from voting ? Stop your BS. WE the People need to feel safe with the integrity of our elections. You ACLU are not.


Superdelegates make the democratic primaries superfluous. No need to vote because it doesn't count. Soon only Superdelegates will be allowed to vote in any election. This will eliminate the risk of voting in an outsider like President Trump. But don't worry, we'll still have the Walt Disney corporation to keep us entertained and informed. It's all good, folks. We no longer have a free press but who cares? We can wear our pussy hats and mickey mouse ears! Oh, joy!

William Reddy

The North Carolina Senate has just passed a bill that cancels all judicial primaries for 2018. The language was slipped in at the last moment. Good example of Republican vote suppression, by a gerrymandered super-majority.


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