Make Every Vote Count

When presidential elections can be determined by only a few votes, we need to make sure that every vote counts. But an untold number of Americans are convinced their stay in prison will keep them from the voting booth for the rest of their lives.

That simply isn't the case.

In New York and many other states, formally incarcerated citizens have the right to vote. But too many people with criminal records and far too many election workers don't know it.

Today, the New York Civil Liberties Union launched a campaign to educate people with criminal records that they have a right to vote. Watch our video below and visit our new web site — for great info, public service announcements, ads and more.

But more importantly, spread the word and make sure people who have the right to vote do just that this November.

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Hi, I wanted to know if you'd heard about this?

They are attempting to disenfranchise voters who are having their homes forclosed, and the people responsible are HUGE GOP donors.

Is there an ACLU of Michigan I can contact or any way someone can get this to the major news stations?



Leticia Maria G...

How can we get a petition started against this....

people are being stripped of their voting rights because their houses have been foreclosed

please start a campaign against this. the 2000 election where Bush took office had a similar quirk where people in prison were not allowed to vote and as a result several african american and other minorities could not place their vote because they had similar names



Here is another link to the same story.

I've forwarded the information to Andrew Sullivan. Perhaps we should send to Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow as well.

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