More Last-Minute Voting Tips

Regular readers of this blog will know that we at the Blog of Rights are all about empowering voters and getting out the vote (or "GOTV" for you wonky types). We’ve just posted printer-friendly versions of our voter empowerment cards. Covering 32 states from Alaska to Wyoming, these cards inform voters of their rights on Election Day and offer tips for avoiding problems when going to the polls.

And if you haven't voted already (would that we all could vote early), Steven Rosenfeld of Alternet has a great guide, filled with tons of handy links, that will ensure that things go smoothly tomorrow.

(I learned from one of these links,, that New York is still using the really old mechanical lever voting machines tomorrow. They make a very satisfying "ka-chunk!" noise when you cast your ballot.)

And if there's one phone number to have on-hand when you head for your polling place, it's the ACLU's voting rights complaint hotline: (877) 523-2792. Give that number a call to report any problems or any suspicious shenanigans going down at the polls.

We'll see you at the polls!

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Me and MINNIE MOUSE voted early in Ohio thanks to the Secretary of State!

Mike B

Did you know in NY state you can vote in a town election if your village is in that town even though the town laws do not apply in the village. You can even run for election in that town if your a citizen of the village, and if you win you get to make laws in the town that don't effect you because town laws don't apply in the village. In fact in many jurisdictions like the town of North Collins NY the village board hand picks their cronies to run in the town election, then the village people vote their cronies in and the village controls what happens in the towns with none living in the town having any input or say in how there tax dollars are spent, its like if Canadians could vote in a USA election because both governments existed in North America before each country became what they are today. The towns existed then the villages incorporated but the residents of the village still get to vote in the town elections even though they choose to sell govern themselves, they also get the right to govern the town they are in if the village has a high enough population. How is this legal?

Olivia H.

I think that these are some interesting tips for last minute voting. My cousin voted early so that he wouldn't forget to vote because he gets tied up in a-lot of things. And i know a few people that needed these tips.

Reyna Fuentes

Im a student from Lincoln West and what i tought about this blog i think it was very intresting. I think it gaved good tips of voting at the last minute.

- I very like this blog!! -

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