People Power Launches 50-State Voting Rights Campaign to Reenergize Our Democracy

While Donald Trump and Kris Kobach look for ways to disenfranchise Americans, People Power is launching the Let People Vote campaign to uphold, protect, and expand the right to vote.

We have witnessed the impact of People Power activists in the ACLU’s ongoing Freedom Cities campaign, where volunteers have advocated that their communities adopt nine “model” rules to ensure that local police aren’t used to target and discriminate against immigrant communities.

Just look at how a group of concerned citizens can make a difference in a city like Phoenix.

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In July, the city announced major changes to ensure that the police do not engage in profiling based on race or perceived immigration status. People Power activists — working alongside allies from the ACLU of Arizona and groups like Puente and the Center for Neighborhood Leadership, legal experts, local officials, and law enforcement officers — successfully campaigned for the department to adopt policies from the Freedom Cities campaign. Phoenix Assistant City Manager Milton Dohoney Jr. praised the activists as everyday people looking to make a difference in their city:

One of the most reasonable groups I’ve talked with since coming here. It was very pleasant. A former high school teacher, a magazine editor, 2 [attorneys], a massage therapist, and two Hispanic advocates who I’ve never seen before. Clearly wanting to work with us in a non adversarial way.

Phoenix was far from alone, as concerned citizens from all walks of life across the country have joined the effort to defend immigrant rights, scoring important victories in cities like Denver and Ann Arbor as well as in states from California to New Jersey and from Illinois to New Mexico.

Now, we are going on offense to fight for voting rights.

For too long, Kobach and his allies in Congress and state legislatures have tried to make it more difficult to vote. In Kansas, he helped push through one of the most awful anti-voting laws in the country, leaving thousands of eligible voters disenfranchised.

Now, we are taking the fight directly to him, kicking off our Let People Vote campaign in his home state of Kansas on October 1.

In all 50 states and the District of Columbia, People Power activists will play a crucial role in campaigning for voting rights policies tailored to their state.

These actions include restoring the right to vote for people with prior criminal convictions; creating independent, nonpartisan redistricting commissions; enacting early voting periods; and implementing automatic voter registration, online voter registration, and Election Day registration.

Activists will also be fighting back against voter suppression laws, like the unnecessary and discriminatory photo ID requirements, that have been pushed by Kobach and others.

While Trump tries to quash voting rights, People Power is taking action to expand access to the ballot and make our democracy more representative.

Join People Power today and host an event on October 1st, and with your help, we can protect this fundamental right.

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We are a constitutional Republic. Stop the lie that we are a Democracy


Tony, I just got here and was looking to comment similar to yours? What a joke here? ACLU.. right...I'm out.. Later..


I'm not interested in automatic voter registration, I'm already registered to vote in what I consider my home for the purposes of voting. I refuse to register to vote in any other place, regardless of where I am at the moment.


Each Secretary of State defines rules and oversees compliance and enforcement of voter laws in each state. You cited no specific examples of voter fraud, however, your specific concerns re: voter fraud should be addressed to your state's Secretary of State (not to the ACLU). It is the legal responsibility of each Secretary of State to define and enforce rules for polling places, voter registration, and voter ID verification. This includes a definition of what constitutes "residency" for the purpose of voting in a state. For example, if what you "consider my home" is not a valid definition of residency in your state, you may be -- knowingly or unwittingly -- breaking election laws, which happens most often when persons have more than one home and/or have moved recently and not updated their state ID (e.g. driver's license). In most cases, casting a ballot based on a false claim of residency is punishable in a court of law by a fine (at minimum). As a U.S. citizen, you have both rights and responsibilities. If you have specific knowledge of voter fraud, including false claims of residency and/or remain concerned about voter fraud compromising elections, take action as a citizen to make a positive difference in election processes. Volunteer with your town/city Registrar of Voters to complete training as an election poll-worker. Take a personal day and spend it serving your community as an election poll-worker. If you volunteer to take the training to help run your state's elections, understand rules for verifying legally present voters in your state, and provide service during elections for your town, state, and country, it is my hope you will feel better about being a U.S. citizen and voter.


In our community voted people that are not citizens, dead people illegal immigrants from Kenya and Nigeria. And in thousands. Mass election fraud. Of course people have to show their ID also to show their resident status. What you did to stop election fraud. What happened with the case of Brenda Snipes that made mass election fraud. Nothing. Case dismissed. That is our Democracy how you see it. Stop lying that you protect any human rights. I contacted your attorneys. The only thing they are interested is more money.


I agree that the ACLU is helping people vote illegally in the US. They appear to be anti-american in this practice. The vote is our only defense against the corruption of our political system, it must be protected. Unidentifiable people should not be able to vote. Don't let the superdelegates pollute the voting process even further.


By your diction, you are obviously not American. Are you a Russian bot?


Wow. That's a lot of fraud. Let's see your proof so we can get right on that!


Think you might be barking up the wrong tree, this is the ACLU. ACRU is who is active with trying to remove people from voter rolls. Majority of groups leading these voter role purge efforts are not doing it to get free and fair elections. You need to educate yourself on what the true Voting Rights issues are before you accuse anyone of "massive voter fraud" - which does not exist.


What community do you live in? In the case of Broward County, the conservative American Civil Rights unions is fighting, not election or voting fraud. They are fighting voter registration lists that are to accurate. That is to say, people who are dead, are not voting, but still on the list, because they do not receive information on who dies, perhaps this is something that we can propose to our legislature. Someone passes away, there needs to be a notification of death, to a national voter registry to purge the names out of the list.

In terms of money, we live in a capitalist society,even the God and the Church need money to operate. They do not do it for free, the building doesn't pay itself, nor the services.



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