Four Bad Voter Suppression Measures We Have to Kill in Four Months

The clock is ticking.  With just four months until Election Day, we’re fighting to stop four voter suppression measures that would keep Americans from casting their ballots.

For those keeping track at home, and for those of you who aren’t in the know yet, here’s an update:

North Carolina.  North Carolina’s sweeping voter suppression law, among other things, cuts early voting, bans same-day registration, and prohibits the counting of ballots cast at the wrong precinct.  The ACLU and co-counsel, the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, filed suit against this voter suppression, and on May 19 filed a motion to stop the law before the November election.  A hearing on our motion is scheduled in federal court in North Carolina on July 7.

Arkansas.  On April 24, the ACLU of Arkansas won a court order ruling that Arkansas’ strict voter ID law violates the Arkansas Constitution.  The trial court, however, halted the decision, permitting the ID law to go into effect for the primary elections.  That meant nearly 1,000 voters were disenfranchised.  On June 24, the ACLU filed a motion with the trial court to lift the stay, and block the ID law for the November election.  Meanwhile, the case is headed to the Arkansas Supreme Court.

Kansas.  The ACLU is challenging Kansas’s dual registration system, which segregates voters into two separate and unequal classes:  those who can vote in all elections (who need to show a photo ID when they vote), and those who can vote for federal offices only.  On June 27, we filed a motion to stop this illegal system, as a violation of Kansas law.  A hearing on our motion is scheduled for July 11 in Topeka.

Ohio.  The ACLU is challenging Ohio’s elimination of a week of early voting, evening voting hours, all but one Sunday of early voting, and same-day registration.  Yesterday we filed our motion in federal court to stop these cutbacks before the November elections.

In other summer voter suppression news, our successful challenge to Iowa’s unlawful voter purge program is on appeal to the Iowa Supreme Court.  Meanwhile, our successful challenge striking down Wisconsin’s voter ID law is on appeal this summer in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.

We need to end these dangerous voter suppression measures before Election Day. For more information about the ACLU’s fight against voter suppression, go to

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What about the IRS harassment and attempted criminal investigation of conservative groups, as well as general harassment of conservatives?


While you're at it, could you also challenge John Kasich's elimination of brain cells as being something that makes him too dangerous to live out his last 4 months as governor, thereby removing him from the position?
His office sent me a notice card, and I have proof that I have it because I'm keeping the card and I'm even going to duplicate it, making it obvious that they know I voted for a Republican candidate and asking me to vote for HIM.
I'm going to write a note BACK saying that "even when I was 100% Republican, which was four years ago, I didn't vote for John Kasich and now that you sent me this card making it seem like you know I voted Republican - which NObody's supposed to know - I wouldn't vote for him if he was the only asshole running for office."
I didn't vote for him in 2010 when all I had was a bad FEELing about him (but had no way of corroborating with any "empirical" proof at all); why on earth would I vote for him NOW, when I have so much ungodly empirical evidence of his ass-foolery that it could stand up on its own with no help from me?

Jeffrey Brown

So all those years when I had to vote ON election day, I was overcoming an attempt to suppress my vote? Why are states reducing early voting? Is there any evidence that the intent is disenfranchisement?

Not that I can find:

States will understandably be reticent to expand voting hours to conform with demand if they are not free to reduce hours to conform with demand.

Why not 24/7 voting to accommodate those who work at night? Does the ACLU consider that reasonable?

Cliff Hensley

So, if forcing someone to show an ID to vote is a form of voter suppersion then what is being done to get all these people some form of ID so that they can vote?? This is a easy fix!! My guess is that the vast majority of the people who don't have an ID are on some type of government support, so why not put a picture of there EBT cards or social security card. Lets try to find the root cause and fix this issue.

Stay Informed