Trump’s Sham Election Commission Wants to Operate in the Dark, but We’re Suing to Drag It Into the Sunlight

Despite requesting a staggering amount of sensitive data from every registered voter in the country, Donald Trump’s Election Integrity Commission intends to hold its next meeting behind closed doors, where the same registered voters will not be able to participate. That’s illegal, so yesterday the ACLU sued the president’s election commission under a federal law designed to ensure public accountability of advisory committees.

Under the Federal Advisory Committee Act, the commission is required to make all meetings open to the public, with enough notice to allow for in-person attendance. The commission must also make all written records, documents, and meeting minutes available. Most importantly, the commission must adopt measures to ensure that its work is not inappropriately influenced by special interests or the president himself.

Thus far, we’ve witnessed a total disregard for these requirements.

Demand transparency

The commission has already held an initial meeting without public notice, and it will not permit the public to attend its next meeting on July 19. Instead, it has offered an internet livestream, a paltry replacement for real public engagement. It’s a troubling lack of transparency, especially for a body seeking an enormous amount of access to sensitive information. Our suit comes at the heels of Kris Kobach’s overreaching request to all 50 states to email the commission sensitive data on every registered voter, including full names, the last four digits of Social Security numbers, party affiliation, and voting history.

Pushback was swift and colorful.

Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann, a Republican, 
suggested that the commission “go jump in the Gulf of Mexico.” Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, a Democrat, responded concerned that the “request is a mere pretense for pursuing restrictions on the fundamental right of citizens to vote.” Connecticut and California took issue with the individual record of the commission’s vice chair Kris Kobach, citing both a “lengthy record of illegally disenfranchising eligible voters in Kansas” and “a long history of sponsoring discriminatory, anti-immigrant policies including voter suppression and racial profiling laws.”

Election boards in multiple states heard from voters alarmed by the request. Ironically, the commission’s request alone was enough to suppress some votes: Both Colorado and North Carolina reported an uptick in voters canceling their registrations outright to prevent data from being shared.

It doesn’t end there, though.

More than 40 states refused to provide the commission with the full breadth of data it requested. Despite that, Kris Kobach and Vice President Mike Pence would have us believe that the commission’s request is routine and benign, suggesting its “fake news” that states are refusing to comply. President Trump has even suggested wrongdoing on behalf of officials who refused to hand over data, asking, “What are they trying to hide?”

We must be committed to flipping that question: No, Mr. President, what is your commission trying to hide?

Thus far, the commission has been deservedly met with skepticism and, as of yesterday,
multiple court challenges including ours. In response, commission officials told state election officers to “hold on submitting any data.” This is a short-term victory but not a permanent solution.

This commission is only beginning its investigation, which every indication suggests will end in voter suppression. To protect voting rights, we must be prepared for the long fight, too.

Join our demand for transparency from the commission by signing our petition here.

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Eli Samuel Goldman

I also request joint state and Federal protect of my children in Washington State, Texas, Florida and any stage they may travel to until such time as Trump's term in office is over, AND I am again able to be in contact to ensure no harm, created accident, setup criminalization, manufactured confrontation or other detrimental event occurs. I hold the FBI responsible for their safety and well being, as well as all three state governments! I additionally formally request Southern Poverty Law Center and the ACLU to contact them on my request which i just requested this day Tuesday, July 11) in the event they need legal assistance.

Eli Samuel Goldman

Trump's people have threatened to harm my children for years now, much prior to his election. It's the most powerful thing he had over me to enforce cooperation.

Eli Samuel Goldman

I knew prior to reading the news someone in Trump's family had gotten in trouble for something as the music started playing about always "loving you" from now on, and "love your family" context anything bad that happened to me and Donald Trump's people have referred to it as "loving" or "love" which in fact is a veiled threat. It started with a conversation long ago in which I called "tough love" of the innocent and of others in most cases "abuse" not love. Then any time something bad happened it was often referred to by Trump supports as "love " ...People who give Donald Trump's kind of love, and Trump himself need to spend life in prison without possibility of parole.

Eli Samuel Goldman

There are now trucks driving by with American flags and rebel flags. In the past that always was a precursor to Trump supporters or those inticed by Trump supporters doing something bad. So it is my belief that Trump or his people have decided to take my exercising my right to voice my opinion out on my children in some way. Now any time I opposed Trump during and before the election he pitted my lovedones and family against me and made it seem to them visa versa I'm sure. But over here suddenly there are excited people and idiots screaming seemingly pointlessly. So it is my understanding he is likely again going to use my family against me.

Eli Samuel Goldman

Someone just shouted "yes!" Happily. So I can only assume since I've intentionally been alienated from any means of contact with lovedones that they are indeed in danger from Trump , his cohorts, and those coerced by his cohorts.

Eli Samuel Goldman

Trump has had his people ensure that I was in constant fear for my family during the show, and during the election and done everything possible to ensure that I am isolated from them and unable to contact them.

Eli Samuel Goldman

Using the way discussed in the hypothetical chat with Trump and family the sign they now drive by me unlike any time before says "graves" after i expressed publically fear for my famulies safety. ...When I said I want the FBI guarding my children I meant Comey and Maybe Muller III. I want no one with ANY connection to Trump having anything to do with my kids. And Wray the newest criminal-appointed FBI director started off lying to the American public. This is like Al Capone appointing someone to investigate himself and his friends. It's absolute bullshit. All this shows is we can nolonger trust the FBI. The actual evidence nomatter how well explained away shows that Trump, his campaign advisor and his son as well as others criminally colluded with a foreign government to tamper with the election as well as put out defamatory statements about the Democratic Party. The fact there is proof of contact without regard to Trump's playing the plausible deniability card, which is irrelevant. If our government was not now corrupt what he and his campaign advisor did constitutes espionage and Treason. Furthermore, there is no proof that is the only communications and we know there has been much communications with Trump's family and the former USSR and their explanation to hide the nature of it is irrelevant. The fact they weren't forthcoming is evidence suppression. All any of this shows is that the Trump Camp can commit any crime and even the Democratic Party wants to save face for not taking action sooner and isn't fighting him anymore. It shows Trump's people get away with every any crime. He even circumvented our laws and found ways to appoint his immediate family to executive office, one by one.

Eli Samuel Goldman

Additionally his bringing in a tabloid executive and associations directly ties his connections to the campaign to a disinformation and absurd propaganda expert. Why would a legitimate political campaign collude with a foreign government to get dirt of a Secretary of State and meet with of all things a person running tabloids? Have we all become so ignorant we believe what should be the most obvious bullshit in history to explain away the most major crimes involving our electoral process in history. Also please keep in most in mind that Mr Reality TV in the hypothetical chat requested discussions in code and indirect communications so outside parties won't know what is being said and nothing can be proven or tied to the show. Why would we think he ran his campaign is different. Supposedly the emails also discussed adopting Russian children. How do we know it isn't a reference to hiring Russian spies?

Eli Samuel Goldman

The existence of the letters show absolute proof of conspiracy and criminal collision to use a foreign government to attack a government official (Hillary Clinton) and election tamper, as well as espionage, and treason. But the new Trump-the-criminal-appointed FBI Director named Wray is calling these worst of major crimes "much ado about nothing?" Either he has already proven on the day of his appointment that he is corrupt and a liar for Trump the man who appointed him, or he is completely incompetent and knows nothing about law or his job (unlikely). I find it more likely he is corrupt.

Eli Samuel Goldman

Donald J.Trump also misled the public into assuming his innocence by stating he was being guarded by the secret service at the time of the emails. This is misleading, likely untrue, and deceptive meant to imply the secret service controls a campaign parties behavior, or would inform the public. Neither are true. First, the secret service primarily focused on guarding Trump from harm late in the campaign, and likely was not around him at all times. Second they don't get involved in a campaigns actions. Trump and his family can do almost anything in front of the secret service and they will not interfere and are sworn to secrecy (unless supoenaed, or a warrant issued). Third, his family and campaign manager may or may not have had secret service protection at this time, but their job is protection of candidates, not control candidate and party behavior. So to imply the Secret Service being there or not proved no crimes were committed is complete bullshit.


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