Trump’s Sham Election Commission Wants to Operate in the Dark, but We’re Suing to Drag It Into the Sunlight

Despite requesting a staggering amount of sensitive data from every registered voter in the country, Donald Trump’s Election Integrity Commission intends to hold its next meeting behind closed doors, where the same registered voters will not be able to participate. That’s illegal, so yesterday the ACLU sued the president’s election commission under a federal law designed to ensure public accountability of advisory committees.

Under the Federal Advisory Committee Act, the commission is required to make all meetings open to the public, with enough notice to allow for in-person attendance. The commission must also make all written records, documents, and meeting minutes available. Most importantly, the commission must adopt measures to ensure that its work is not inappropriately influenced by special interests or the president himself.

Thus far, we’ve witnessed a total disregard for these requirements.

Demand transparency

The commission has already held an initial meeting without public notice, and it will not permit the public to attend its next meeting on July 19. Instead, it has offered an internet livestream, a paltry replacement for real public engagement. It’s a troubling lack of transparency, especially for a body seeking an enormous amount of access to sensitive information. Our suit comes at the heels of Kris Kobach’s overreaching request to all 50 states to email the commission sensitive data on every registered voter, including full names, the last four digits of Social Security numbers, party affiliation, and voting history.

Pushback was swift and colorful.

Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann, a Republican, 
suggested that the commission “go jump in the Gulf of Mexico.” Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, a Democrat, responded concerned that the “request is a mere pretense for pursuing restrictions on the fundamental right of citizens to vote.” Connecticut and California took issue with the individual record of the commission’s vice chair Kris Kobach, citing both a “lengthy record of illegally disenfranchising eligible voters in Kansas” and “a long history of sponsoring discriminatory, anti-immigrant policies including voter suppression and racial profiling laws.”

Election boards in multiple states heard from voters alarmed by the request. Ironically, the commission’s request alone was enough to suppress some votes: Both Colorado and North Carolina reported an uptick in voters canceling their registrations outright to prevent data from being shared.

It doesn’t end there, though.

More than 40 states refused to provide the commission with the full breadth of data it requested. Despite that, Kris Kobach and Vice President Mike Pence would have us believe that the commission’s request is routine and benign, suggesting its “fake news” that states are refusing to comply. President Trump has even suggested wrongdoing on behalf of officials who refused to hand over data, asking, “What are they trying to hide?”

We must be committed to flipping that question: No, Mr. President, what is your commission trying to hide?

Thus far, the commission has been deservedly met with skepticism and, as of yesterday,
multiple court challenges including ours. In response, commission officials told state election officers to “hold on submitting any data.” This is a short-term victory but not a permanent solution.

This commission is only beginning its investigation, which every indication suggests will end in voter suppression. To protect voting rights, we must be prepared for the long fight, too.

Join our demand for transparency from the commission by signing our petition here.

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Eli Samuel Goldman

As well as suppression of the very evidence, testimony (however drought with disinformation) and admission of emails and meetings with the Russian government about the Hilary campaign by Trump's professional liars, please keep in mind Trump and his people perjured themselves before the American people all along disavowing and denying ANY such meeting or any such emails of any kind. Then suppressed evidence to evade prosecution and obstruct justice. Now lime typical criminals they hire people (like Mr Wray, who has already proven himself corrupt),and use major aligned bias news sources to justify and explain away undisputable major crimes. Every xriminal --not only Trump and his crime family and criminal organization--denies any wrongdoing. What are they gonna say, "yes, we all broke every major U.S. and international law to gain the Executive office and now we're explaining away and covering up our crimes." Of course not.

Eli Samuel Goldman

While Donald's son Donald Jr got caught along with election campaign manager in numerous major crimes for which the punishment normally ranges between life in prison to execution, and Donald J. Trump pretends his son getting caught is full disclosure, after they engaged in hiding evidence against his campaign the entire election. We also know there is extensive evidence that many other communications took place to tamper with the election as well as meetings afterwards to further hide evidence. There is also sufficient evidence to believe much of what took place in Trump-camp-crimes in email did so on private servers before and after the election. Hence they themselves did what they demanded Hillary be imprisoned for and much, much worse. Also, we know that after Trump correspondence Vladamir Putin ordered tampering with the election on behalf of Trump.

Eli Samuel Goldman

Trumps peoole lied about the illegality of their collusion including major media sources directly and indirectly in the trump camp pocket. This is because the ceos and owners of many of these media sources are complicit and co-conspirators with Trump. However, if you examine Trump's Whitehouse team and associated corporations both on U.S. soil you'll also notice they and he colluded in violation of the Sherman Act of 1890, the FTC Act of 1918, and the Robinson Patman Act of 1936, and the Clayton Act of 1976. The very structure and members of his Campaign Team, associated commissions and groups, and now Cabinet and associated groups violates all the major antitrust acts. Once more the Clayton Act allows me and others to get triple damages by his actions. And given that his campaign was by design in violation of these acts prior to office it demonstrates premeditation and criminal conspiracy. Trump has turned the Executive offices into a machine designed to violate the public trust and promote and engage partners in anti-competitive practices both domestically and globally. And his partners mergers which too would violate anti trust, such as the beer company merger that recently happened would fall under the punishment of the Hart Scott Rodino Anti-trust Improvements Act, which would have required permission and analysis of the merger to be requested to the FTC at least 365 days in advance. And a non-corrupt FTC (during the Obama Administration, which is when the request would have had to have happened) could and would have never approved such a merger as it violates other Anti-trust laws. Hence, Trump's group and associates violate not one, but ALL our major Anti-trust laws!!!!!!!!!!! Much of this starting long before Trump was in office and making the Executive Branch itself complicit in the violations of our own long standing Anti-trust laws. Once again proving Trump's Campaign, Family, and now Cabinet as well as associates are a conjoined criminal enterprise.

Eli Samuel Goldman

The Sherman Act furthermore allows me and others as the victims to go after each corporation for $100 million, each individual for $1 million doubled to twice the amount due to the excessive nature of their crimes in excess of $100 million again, and since im a private party affected by billions in stolen intelectual as well as real-property and harmed in many ways by these anti-trust violations and collusions I can sue for tripled damages which would be in the Billions and Billions of Dollars. Furthermore the Sherman Act allows us to put Trump and his partners in prison for up to 10 years on each count.

Vicki B.

You're not taking my information asshole. The only thing you'd find out anyway is that I voted Republican until YOU came along, lying your ass off saying you were gonna be "a different kind of Republican" and not doing any of the stuff you SAID you were going to do. #LiarInChief
So you can take your COMMUNIST ass to Russia where you belong bc you're nothing but a traitor and probably working FOR Putin. #TrumpRussia #TrumpAnswerstoPutin

Eli Samuel Goldman

It's interesting. I have pushed hard to stop Trump and his cohorts seperatist rhetoric crap for years. Then his racist people spin my words to make them seem racist by mirroring them in a racist meaning. Example, a Trump supporter long ago told me Asians are "only good for cooking dog." Being part Asian myself I was offended and mentioned the best lasagne I ever had was from a recipe taught to my mother by an Asian lady, and there was no fucking dog in it. And the best burrito I ever had was off a lunch truck run by a Chinese family who had lived in Mexico. Now I read racist white-supremicist morons writing seemingly similar words to endorse white supremacy and it pisses me off. My point at the time was to refute someone's bullshit racist views!!!! Anyway, here is one of one of Donald Trump's many racist appointments that he used flagrantly to get voted in AND THEN disavowed saying he didn't need the support. But at the time he sure did, and couldn't have won without the support of racists.

Eli Samuel Goldman

On a side note, it doubly pissed me off when they showed a news article about how China has St Bernard ranches to use for food. Well, I am part Asian and I don't know a single Asian person here in America who has ever eaten dog. And I love St Bernards. I've owned one named Brian as the family pet and family member. I thought the dog eating crap was a myth but my friend Richard Ranft who has two korean daughters and a Korean exwife who lived in Korea told me the older generation ate dog when starved during the Korean war, and my Hawaiian ex-brother in law told me Chinese in Hawaii cook cat. And he was 1/4th Chinese, Jr Fernandez was his name. I told him that's bullshit and racist.

Eli Samuel Goldman

My Vietnamese friend Doan from Mayanja Financial Management told me the Vietnamese have a saying that the "Chinese will eat anything with its back to the sun" only said in Vietnamese and swore a neighbor who was Chinese ate his daschund puppy years before. And I didn't comment but didn't believe it and still don't. What I believe is that everyone in the world seems to hate everyone else and calls each other a bigot. And they're all bigots! Then I get misquotes and labeled biggot when I used to like everyone, and try to teach people who showed me hare kindness. Instead they all mislabeled me and showed me near universal hate. Then point at me and act like I'm the hater. Fuck you all! I am so sorry I ever cared about or believed in ANYONE or that you can pull people up and get them to be better people. All they do is drag you down.

Eli Samuel Goldman

Richard Ranfts Korean buddy and Richard told me dog is considered now a delicacy for the older generation in Korea but the new generation doesn't eat dog, and finds it disgusting.

Eli Samuel Goldman

Also I found a historical article that the early white explorers stole dogs from the native Americans and ate them. One Indian chief had a war party travel over 1000 miles to get his Newfoundland dog back from a famous Caucasian explorer. They had eaten all the other dogs. And those were Caucasians eating dogs. Dozens of them.


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