Trump’s Sham Election Commission Wants to Operate in the Dark, but We’re Suing to Drag It Into the Sunlight

Despite requesting a staggering amount of sensitive data from every registered voter in the country, Donald Trump’s Election Integrity Commission intends to hold its next meeting behind closed doors, where the same registered voters will not be able to participate. That’s illegal, so yesterday the ACLU sued the president’s election commission under a federal law designed to ensure public accountability of advisory committees.

Under the Federal Advisory Committee Act, the commission is required to make all meetings open to the public, with enough notice to allow for in-person attendance. The commission must also make all written records, documents, and meeting minutes available. Most importantly, the commission must adopt measures to ensure that its work is not inappropriately influenced by special interests or the president himself.

Thus far, we’ve witnessed a total disregard for these requirements.

Demand transparency

The commission has already held an initial meeting without public notice, and it will not permit the public to attend its next meeting on July 19. Instead, it has offered an internet livestream, a paltry replacement for real public engagement. It’s a troubling lack of transparency, especially for a body seeking an enormous amount of access to sensitive information. Our suit comes at the heels of Kris Kobach’s overreaching request to all 50 states to email the commission sensitive data on every registered voter, including full names, the last four digits of Social Security numbers, party affiliation, and voting history.

Pushback was swift and colorful.

Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann, a Republican, 
suggested that the commission “go jump in the Gulf of Mexico.” Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, a Democrat, responded concerned that the “request is a mere pretense for pursuing restrictions on the fundamental right of citizens to vote.” Connecticut and California took issue with the individual record of the commission’s vice chair Kris Kobach, citing both a “lengthy record of illegally disenfranchising eligible voters in Kansas” and “a long history of sponsoring discriminatory, anti-immigrant policies including voter suppression and racial profiling laws.”

Election boards in multiple states heard from voters alarmed by the request. Ironically, the commission’s request alone was enough to suppress some votes: Both Colorado and North Carolina reported an uptick in voters canceling their registrations outright to prevent data from being shared.

It doesn’t end there, though.

More than 40 states refused to provide the commission with the full breadth of data it requested. Despite that, Kris Kobach and Vice President Mike Pence would have us believe that the commission’s request is routine and benign, suggesting its “fake news” that states are refusing to comply. President Trump has even suggested wrongdoing on behalf of officials who refused to hand over data, asking, “What are they trying to hide?”

We must be committed to flipping that question: No, Mr. President, what is your commission trying to hide?

Thus far, the commission has been deservedly met with skepticism and, as of yesterday,
multiple court challenges including ours. In response, commission officials told state election officers to “hold on submitting any data.” This is a short-term victory but not a permanent solution.

This commission is only beginning its investigation, which every indication suggests will end in voter suppression. To protect voting rights, we must be prepared for the long fight, too.

Join our demand for transparency from the commission by signing our petition here.

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Eli Samuel Goldman

I flipped out because my next door neighbor and a friend of his cut cooked and ate a German Sheppard swearing it is a half-coyote. Well it was a fucking German Sheppard, this was in Claremore OK, and it's illegal. His name is Randall Wayne Abney of Claremore and OK. He's an admitted 2nd gen. white supremicist Trump supporter.


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Eli Samuel Goldman

Lewis and Clark was among dozens of famous Caucasians in American history that regularly (and disgustingly) ate dog or cat meat when nothing better was available.

Eli Samuel Goldman

Lewis and Clark ate over 200 digs. The wiki leaves out that a native American war party traveled over 1000 miles to get back the chiefs dog, the Newfoundland dog the whites named Seaman, by force.

Eli Samuel Goldman

Eli Samuel Goldman

Other estimates say Lewis and Clark party ate over 240 dogs, and raped at least 30 Native American women when they weren't robbing the smaller groups of "friendly" natives.

Eli Samuel Goldman

This is evil and animal cruelty and it must stop! I loooove St Bernards. This must be stopped!!!!!!

Eli Samuel Goldman

Speaking of accountability and transparency: One things this whole experience has taught me, as well as time and again throughout my life is that those who victimize you will get others involved under false pretenses to help revictimize you with absolutely no idea that you were/are the victim in the first place. Being on the show as an unknowing slave to be scapegoated for Trump's purposes, I discovered this at an augmented level. For instance, I used to play guitar right handed though im a lefty, because most guitars are righthanded as is music notation. Especially back in the old days. Also, you fret faster with your stronger hand. Years later due a hand injury to my left hand that my ex wife can vouch for, I decided that if I play again to learn to play lefty, since prior to the show my right-hand wasn't (then) damaged (unlike the damage Trump created circumstances caused to both hands, especially my right) and hence was better to fret with. I decided to reteach myself to play in my style plus started to teach myself to play the way everyone else plays in Seattle/Sumner WA, Laredo TX, and again in Las Vegas. I started doing a few new riffs and melodies as well as teach myself music stolen/copied from music I sent out on tape looking for a label in the 80s. I didn't know I was on a show, and learning to play with the other hand after decades was like learning to walk again without a physical theraphist after being in a wheelchair from a car accident for years. I found myself frustrated. My mind still knew what I wanted my fingers to do but I couldn't get my fingers to do it like they once did. I started using guitar playing aids and videos which hurt my ego and pride because I was once a damn decent guitar player /singer as my livelihood, and felt helpless and frustrated. Its as if I couldn't control my fingers when at one time I didn't have to think about it. I even felt embarrassed though I thought I was alone. Anyway, I started trying to reteach myself sometimes stolen/used/popularized that I created from the artists that popularized my work...I'm guessing from the endless tapes I sent out in my youth. I also borrowed a riff from a favorite band, the scorpions for a tune I did for non-comnercial purposes. I had no idea there was a show or that Trump's people were violating my rights and screwing my life. Fast forward years later apparently the same music industry that stole from me since my youth decided to teach me a lesson by stealing from me on a much larger scale. And though I never filed suit when I'd discover my work on the radio due to Poverty, apparently one artists druggie widow decided to teach me a lesson about getting robbed by getting everyone she can to abuse me further and Rob me for all my intellectual property and turn it into music. Because apparently being robbed and abused by the white supremicist piece of shit Trump and robbed by everyone from media and industry as well, as kept as a slave made everyone wealthy and famous, including many who got richer off my work originally decide it's time to join in on one long intellectual property theft spree, villinization globally, and abuse gangbang of me. And apparently the world is keen on blaming their victims for being victimized. I've come to realize that almost everyone who is wealthy or famous is a thief, a biggot and an abuser who encourages others to commit crimes to punish those who speak out. Trump is just far worst than any of the rest. (To be continued)

Eli Samuel Goldman

Anyway, the widow of someone who stole three tunes (one of many back then) from me decided to get others to silence me for speaking my mind on a show I didn't know I was on decided to get others to attack me while Trump was already having people attack and abuse and steal from me to add to his own wealth and the wealthy of others. (To be continued)


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