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President Trump’s Likely Pick for Global Women’s Issues Ambassador Has an Anti-Women, Anti-LGBT Background

Penny Nance has quite the record when it comes to attacking civil rights.

By Brian Tashman, Gabriela Meléndez Olivera
November 7, 2017

Don’t Let Rights Delayed Become Rights Denied Under the ADA

The ADA Education and Reform Act would undermine the Americans With Disabilities Act.

By Matan Koch
October 26, 2017

There's a Difference Between the Right and Wrong Approach to Surveillance Reform

A bill introduced by Sens. Ron Wyden and Rand Paul is a significant step forward toward real surveillance reform.

By Neema Singh Guliani
October 24, 2017

The Education Department Should Track Racial Disparities in Student Borrowing

Racial disparities exist in student debt, and these disparities get exponentially worse after students leave school.

By Mike Garvey
October 23, 2017

Attorney General Sessions Leads the Charge Against LGBT Rights

Don't be fooled by Attorney Jeff Sessions' attempt to hide his anti-LGBT agenda.

By Ian Thompson
October 18, 2017

Congress Finally Begins the Process of Reforming Warrantless Government Surveillance

We need to keep up the fight to ensure our constitutional rights are protected.

By Neema Singh Guliani
October 10, 2017

Discrimination Is the Big Winner in the Justice Department’s New Religious Guidelines

The Trump administration’s religious-liberty guidelines undermine equality and the separation of church and state.

By Heather L. Weaver
October 6, 2017

Should Your Boss Dictate Your Family Planning Options? President Trump Thinks So.

The administration’s new rule is another blow to women’s health and equality in the name of religious liberty.

By Georgeanne M. Usova, Brigitte Amiri
October 6, 2017

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