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Fighting for freedom in our nation's capital

Keeping Families Together is the Heart of Immigration Debate

Few things evoke stronger emotion and action than divided families.

By Heejin Hwang
October 11, 2013

Is a 'Magic Wand' Needed To Fix Anti-Discrimination Bill?

In a wide-ra

By Ian S. Thompson
October 8, 2013

The Guantánamo Money Pit

The New York Times last week

By Zak Newman
October 4, 2013

A Very Unhappy Anniversary for Low-Income Women

Some anniversaries just don't deserve a celebration, and today is one of them.

By Sarah Lipton-Lubet
September 30, 2013

It's Official: NSA Wants to Suck up All Americans’ Phone Records

The NSA has officially stopped sugar coating the fact that it wants to spy on every American.

By Robyn Greene
September 27, 2013

Anti-LGBT Bill Is About Discrimination, Not Taxes

The so-called "Marriage and Religious Freedom Act," introduced in the House of Representatives today, is a discriminatory

By Gabe Rottman
September 19, 2013

The 1980s Called. They Want Their Mandatory Minimums Back.

Senator Leahy closed this morning’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on

By Jesselyn McCurdy, Sarah Solon
September 18, 2013

VanishingRights.com: A Conduit for Change

As the scope and depth of NSA’s spying continues to grow—and the ACLU

By Sandra Fulton
September 18, 2013

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