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The Government’s Hacking Powers Are About to Grow Exponentially

The Department of Justice and FBI want the power to hack millions of computers with a single warrant.

By Neema Singh Guliani
May 19, 2016

The Religious Refusals Fight Comes to Washington

Passing the Do No Harm Act would restore the Religious Freedom Restoration Act to its original intent.

By Ian S. Thompson
May 18, 2016

The Best Way of Stopping Out-of-Control Immigration Prosecutions Is to Avoid Them in the First Place

Federal prosecutors have discretion to prioritize cases. Border-crossers returning to their kids shouldn’t be on that list.

By Chris Rickerd
May 4, 2016

Our Military Shouldn’t Turn Its Back on Servicewomen Who Need an Abortion

How the U.S. military restricts servicewomen from accessing abortion on military bases is a discriminatory scandal.

By Ellen Haring
April 28, 2016

Congress Should Ignore the Latest Attempt to Write Discrimination Into Law

Rep. Steve Russell will offer an amendment to the NDAA that could undo antidiscrimination protections.

By Ian Thompson
April 27, 2016

The House Takes a Big Step Toward Protecting Privacy in the Digital Age

The Email Privacy Act unanimously passed the House by a 419-0 vote. Next up is the Senate.

By Nathaniel J. Turner
April 27, 2016

The Day We Hate More Than Tax Day

On Equal Pay Day, the ACLU and its allies are fighting in our nation’s capital and in the states to end the gender wage gap.

By Vania Leveille, Lenora M. Lapidus
April 12, 2016

4 Problems With Creating a ‘Commission on Encryption’

No matter how well-intentioned, the proposed commission may empower the forces trying to compromise our digital security.

By Neema Singh Guliani
March 9, 2016

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