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Sen. Jeff Sessions, Trump’s Nominee for Attorney General, Stands by His Support for Sweeping Anti-LGBT Bill

Sen. Sessions can try to mask the true intent of the First Amendment Defense Act, but it's tax payer-funded discrimination.

By Ian Thompson
January 24, 2017

Don’t Underestimate the Catastrophic Impact That the Trump Administration’s Policies Will Have on People With Disabilities

Senators on Tuesday must ask nominee Tom Price how Trump's healthcare reforms would affect people with disabilities.

By Vania Leveille, Susan Mizner
January 23, 2017

DeVos Confirmation Hearing Raises More Concerns That She Will Be Bad for Public Education and Civil Rights

Trump’s nominee for education secretary takes a dismal view of federal protections for students with disabilities.

By Ian Thompson
January 19, 2017

As a Criminal Justice Reform Advocate, Obama’s Farewell Speech Felt Like a Full Circle Moment

One of the defining themes of President Obama’s legacy was his constant push for criminal justice reform.

By Jesselyn McCurdy
January 13, 2017

Does Dr. Ben Carson Believe in Housing and Urban Development’s Fair Housing Mission?

Senators have a duty to determine whether Ben Carson believes in the mission of the department he was nominated to lead.

By Jennifer Bellamy, Katie Egan
January 11, 2017

Will Trump Nominees Commit to Banning Taxpayer-Funded Discrimination?

Senators should grill Trump nominees DeVos, Price, and Puzder on their support for discriminatory taxpayer-funded policies.

By Ian Thompson, Georgeanne M. Usova
January 9, 2017

Trump’s Pick for Homeland Security Secretary Is Inheriting a Border Agency Known for Human Rights Abuses

Congress needs to make sure Gen. Kelly will reform Customs and Border Protection to prevent civil rights abuses.

By Vicki B. Gaubeca
January 6, 2017

The ACLU Responds to the Potential Nominations of Sen. Sessions for Attorney General and Rep. Pompeo for CIA Director

Both Sen. Sessions and Rep. Pompeo have troubling records on defending and preserving Americans' fundamental rights.

By Anthony D. Romero
November 18, 2016

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