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DOMA Zombies Surface in Congress

Since the Supreme Court's

By Ian S. Thompson
January 15, 2014

VICTORY! Military Ban on Consensual Intimacy Ends

In the late hours on Thursday evening, the U.S.

By Ian S. Thompson
December 23, 2013

Sen. Dianne Feinstein's NSA 'reforms': bad for privacy, bad for business

This op-ed originally ran in the

By Nicole Ozer
December 9, 2013

"I’ll Never See My Son's Prom Picture"

Lucille MacBeth, mother of

By Alex Berger
October 31, 2013

From the Land of the Liberty Bell: Investigate the NSA

Here in Pennsylvania, we have a full-time legislature, so as the lobbyist for the Pennsylvania affiliate of the ACLU, I ha

By Andy Hoover
October 31, 2013

Congress Could Save Tens of Thousands of Americans Today. Here's How.

"Too many Americans go to too many prisons for too long for no good law enforcement reason."

By Alex Berger
October 30, 2013

Comey's Hollow MLK Guidance to FBI Agents

Newly sworn in FBI Director James Comey has

By Laura W. Murphy, Michael German
October 30, 2013

The USA FREEDOM Act is Real Spying Reform

Over the last several months, members of Congress have introduced at least two dozen spying reform and transparency bills.

By Michelle Richardson
October 29, 2013

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