What Happens in Arizona, Stops in Arizona

By now, you've heard about SB 1070, a racial profiling bill in Arizona that was signed into law last month. This outrageous and unconstitutional racial profiling law is causing a national uproar — and for good reason.

The ACLU's Immigrants' Rights Project, the ACLU of Arizona, the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund and the National Immigration Law Center have teamed up to mount a legal challenge to this extreme new law. The goal is to prevent the law from ever going into effect.

But lawsuits are not enough. We need you to take action too.

Send a message to your state lawmaker and governor. Tell them: What happens in Arizona, stops in Arizona. Only a complete rejection of this dangerous, un-American approach will prevent it from spreading to other states.

One Arizona sheriff, Clarence Dupnik of Pima County, called SB 1070 "racist" and "unnecessary." And Phil Gordon, mayor of Phoenix, Arizona's largest city, is planning his own legal challenge to the law.

We've asked our 53 local affiliates to keep their ear to the ground and monitor for any legislation that aims to copy Arizona's law. We're hearing rumblings of copycat laws already. Ohio Sheriff Richard Jones has asked his state's governor to pass legislation that mimics Arizona's SB 1070. Fortunately, Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland nixed the idea.

But even if you think your elected representatives and governor are sympathetic on this issue, they need to hear from you that you will not tolerate a dangerous racial profiling law.

Arizona's new law sacrifices the civil liberties of millions of people living and working in Arizona, while doing nothing to address the real problems the state is facing. We must make sure this kind of law doesn't spread to other states.

Arizona's new law blatantly disregards America's most fundamental values of fairness and equality. Act now.

We also want to see what you think about this law. Make a sign, and then send us a photo. We'll feature our favorites on this page.

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you people are ruining our country!!!!

Larry V.

Why do all media and groups continue to mislead the public as to wht this law really says? This is purely a liberal attack on a process that was sorely needed in Arizona. Stop the Nazi accusations and read the 'freakin law!!


too many mexicans and terrorists


why don't you care about low income Americans who are being brutalized economically by unchecked illegal immigration? Where is your heart? why are only illegal immigrants worthy of concern?


doesnt arizona care about how many lives it will bw ruining??


This is fantastic! Keep it up, Arizona!

Republicans have no heart? What about Democrats? Where is their heart?

Allowing illegal immigrants to use my hospitals, my schools, my police, my library, my home!!!!!!!!!!!

This law is great!


My grandmother and grandfather was an immigrant from Norway. It was a while back, but I wonder if they could have coughed up their "papers" during their time.

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