The 'Health Care' Bill the House Just Passed Makes Being a Woman a Pre-Existing Condition

On October 7, 2016, when the Hollywood Access tape was released featuring the man who is now our president bragging about grabbing women by the pussy, Donald Trump dismissed it as “locker room banter,” and claimed it was no reflection of how he actually felt about women.

"I have great respect for women. Nobody has more respect for women than I do,” he said following the release. “I've said things that, frankly, you hear these things I said. And I was embarrassed by it. But I have tremendous respect for women. And women have respect for me.”

A great many people gave Trump the benefit of doubt — indeed the majority of white women voted for him. But yesterday, by signing an executive order purported to protect religious liberty and working to revoke part of the Affordable Care Act with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, the president made it exceedingly clear that his administration does not respect women.

The right to decide when and whether to have a family is fundamental to women’s equality in the workforce and society. Birth control and the right to abortion enable women to plan whether and when to have children, to pursue education and careers. This is how we are empowered to lead full and healthy lives.

We cannot go quietly back to the 1950s.

Yesterday’s executive order on religious exemptions signaled to employers that the government may say that if they object to birth control on religious grounds, they can deny contraceptive coverage as part of the healthcare plans for employees. This, coupled with the House’s repeal of part of the Affordable Care Act, could simultaneously limit women’s access to contraception and abortion, forcing many women into motherhood against their will.

If this sounds like a bad idea, wait, because it gets worse. In addition to taking away access to birth control coverage and potentially forcing women to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term, Trump’s proposed health care bill would then further punish women by allowing insurance companies to deny maternity and newborn care in their insurance plans.

That’s right. Trumpcare, combined with his executive order, could make it okay to deny women contraception coverage, abortion coverage, maternity coverage, and newborn care coverage.

Yes, it sounds like a misogynistic plot from the Handmaid’s Tale. But wait, it gets crueler. It turns out Trumpcare essentially makes being a woman a pre-existing condition.

The bill allows states to waive protections for pre-existing conditions and allow insurers to charge people with pre-existing conditions more for their coverage. These could include pregnancy, C-sections, breast cancer and even treatment for domestic violence and sexual assault. (This is particularly rich, considering this president doesn’t believe grabbing a woman by the genitals is sexual assault.)

And just when you thought the Trump administration had reached the apex of cruelty, there’s more.

Another provision of the new healthcare bill would require new moms to find a job within 60 days of having a baby or lose their health insurance. (The bill makes an exception for mothers if their child has a disability or they’re an only parent or they care for a child under the age of 6.) Sixty days after giving birth, most new mothers are still adjusting, may still need time to recover from childbirth, and may even face health challenges.

We simply can’t allow this to happen. So women, to the millions of you who turned out in pussy hats to protest the day after the inauguration, contact your senators. The House passed the bill, but the Senate can kill it or fix it. So tell your senator to vote against Trumpcare.

We cannot go quietly back to the 1950s.

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I think this is bullshit just deal with it you fuck tards its already done

Just a Nurse

Breath in. Breath out.
Yes. It is done.
We have to tell our representatives in Congress and at State and local levels what we want.
What do YOU want.
I do not want ANYONE, real person or corporation,profiting off the miseries of others.
I want ALL who hold government offices to have the option to self insure themselves (without tax payer money) or take the deals they give the rest of us "poor" middle class.
I want want equality in health care and drop preexisting conditions.
I want these representatives to stop putting these "programs" in a negative light. I am not suppose to have them? I have put into the system since I was 14. I NOW wish I was given the option to invest that social security monies somewhere else. My Father did, but only because he had a retirement already in place.
I don't want to have another tax.
I don't want people penalized for not getting insurance they can't afford.
I want people healthy and working...paying their share and giving back and more for those who follow.

Richard Marcus

Blowing In Trump’s Wind

How many vows must that hypocrite break
Before the whole world says he lies?
How many threats will he bellow about war
Before the missiles really fly?
How many families fleeing for their lives
Must be sent back to homelands to die?
The answer my friends
Is blowing In Trump’s wind
The answer is blowing in Trump’s wind.

How many children too poor or too sick
Will be turned away to suffer without care
How many others will reach out for help
And find no one and nothing is there?
How many in Congress will assure them that they
Will be healed by belief in god and prayer?
The answer my friends
Is blowing In Trump’s wind
The answer is blowing in Trump’s wind.

How many Russians must be part of his deceit
Before he’s dragged off in chains?
How much blood must be on his hands
Till our nation can’t wash away the stains?
How much more nonsense must he be allowed to spew
Before he can be declared insane?
The answer my friends
Is blowing In Trump’s wind
The answer is blowing in Trump’s wind.

© 2017 Jack Knife Big Rig Music



Hmmm... for most of u complaining i bet u wouldn't be saying the same shit if it were ur wife or daughter or even sister that could be raped n forced to keep the child... or maybe a guy grabs them against their will... oh but ur okay with this right.... bet if someone did something horrible to them u wouldnt be hiding behind a screen running ur mouth.....


We kidnapped you family and sent them back to your original country. All white people, blacks and latinos are anchor babies living illegally on my land.


Under Prying Eyes: Repression, Surveillance and Exposure in California, 1918-1939. "Look it Up " because this has going on , a long time . It's still not to late to " Change your Stripes " Mr Pres.


Maybe men should own up to their share of blame and pay equal if not more for insurance than women. After all their chromosomes decide which babies will be born with the 'pre-existing condition' of being female.They caused this. And men do cause most pregnancies. Yes, I think men should pay more. but women should pay more for their insurance when they become pregnant, are raped, victims of domestic abuse, or inherit the 'pre-existing condition' of being a woman, somehow without any male involvement.


It is sad and disturbing that there are so many hateful people out there. I cannot believe there are so many ugly negative comments. Mean-spirited people do not have to support the ACLU. There are those of us kind-spirited that will. Haters, just go hang out with one another and let the rest of us be. By the way, none of you would be here if a woman hadn't put her life at risk to bring you into this world.

Thank you to all of you who are supporting the ACLU. Thank you, ACLU.


I love you, you good creature.

Just a Nurse

When my boys made comments about women's hairy legs we gave them the option to "participate" in the rituals of hair removal. You see, I had control of the car keys for my obnoxious adolescent boys. Anyway, we waxed one leg for them and left the other for them to complete in time to go have their fun. You should have seen their faces when we stated armpits and privates could have been options if comments continued.


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