Saturday Night Live’s Sasheer Zamata: Let’s Talk About Privilege

Sasheer Zamata Says Women's Rights Still a BFD!

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Hi, it's Sasheer Zamata, from Saturday Night Live! It's my privilege to serve as the new ACLU Celebrity Ambassador for the Women’s Rights Project, and speaking of privilege, I’m writing today to talk about the “P” word.

Some of us have more of it than others, and through no fault of our own. It’s a silent benefactor that helps us even when we don’t know it, making structural discrimination difficult to see. And it disproportionately affects women.

That’s why I’m working with the ACLU to shine a spotlight on gender and privilege — check out this video on Facebook and share it with your friends and family.

The fight to protect and advance the rights of women and girls is far from over.

We’ve made incredible strides in the past several decades, and they benefit me greatly. My dreams of working as a comedian and cast member on Saturday Night Live are a reality because of the great work people did before me to ensure diverse voices can be heard.

But women still face greater barriers in employment, education, health care, and criminal justice — especially those of color and living in poverty. In the U.S. today, women make 78 cents for every dollar earned by a man — with African-American women only earning 64 cents, and Latinas earning 55. I wish I were joking.

Plus, a woman’s right to choose is threatened by extreme lawmakers who have introduced more than 100 abortion restrictions in 2015 alone. And few legal protections exist for pregnant workers and new mothers — even though women are the primary breadwinners in 4 out of 10 families with children.

Please watch this video to learn more, and help us do something about it by spreading the word.

Thanks for continuing this conversation. It’ll be my privilege to work with you on this!


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Man, what intense trolling.


It's cute, how all the ignorant, abusive, erroneously angry comments regarding this are posted by people who have chosen to use "Anonymous" as their monikers.

Excellent video and project. We need to keep having these conversations until changes are made through everyone's eyes being opened towards gender and racial inequality; and people as a whole are moved to make that change since we'll never be able to trust politicians to advocate for our best interests. We will have to be loud enough to force them to vote for our (the voters) best interests, instead of for their privileged donors' outdated ideas and fears of losing the "patriarchy", or hurt feelings of being "emasculated" by giving women and minorities equal pay, etc. The US was founded to give equality and freedom for all - and we are not nearly there yet.


If you want to critique any group on their suppression of others and demonize them for their privileged situations, then direct your hostility towards the international banking cartels. White males are not privileged, nor does it make any sense to use blanket statements like "All" or "every". Really? Sasheer Zamata is the real racist and the big banks are the real suppressors.


And I'm just over here like, I didn't see anyone pick up those lemonade cups and throw them away. That's littering.


Great video. Don't let the trolls keep you down.


be sure to implement all this equality in Israel as well, oh Jewish executives of the ACLU

Kayly Newcomer

[Generic, very positive comment here because the MRAs hijack fucking everything and are too cowardly to even use their real names or site actual statistics or studies to back up their baseless propaganda.]

P Saito

I see an anonymous coward is barfing up some mansplaining ignorance all over this thread.

Bet he doesn't have the stones to say any of his vitriolic blather to anyone's face.

Your mommy wants her basement back, too.


Wow, so much hate in the comments! This was a cool video with a great message. Intersectional feminism is the way forward :)


Does that mean transgender women immediately take a 23 percent pay cut?


Stay Informed