I Was a Domestic Violence Victim. My Town Wanted Me Evicted for Calling 911.

This piece originally appeared on The Guardian.

I remember the day I realized that I had to stop calling the police, no matter what danger I was in. It was 9 April 2012 when the police came to my home to arrest my ex-boyfriend, who had physically assaulted me.

When they were there, an officer told me I was “on three strikes”. I had no idea what he was referring to, nor did he explain. “We are gonna have your landlord evict you” he added. Later, after I requested more information from the police department, I was told I was being punished for calling 911.

Norristown, Pennsylvania, where I live, had a local nuisance law that specifically said that calls about domestic violence would count as “strikes”. Three would lead to eviction. I wanted to keep my home for me and my child — so I stopped calling the police, even when there was more domestic violence at my home. But I couldn’t stop other people calling 911. I received two more strikes from the city as a result of other people trying to help me.

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Shake your head, but someone will come along and blame the female in the scenario and call the neighbors the victims for having such people live beside them. This is what stuck up conservatives with no empathy for victims of domestic violence prescribe for others. Wonder what would happen if the wonderful people who made such laws were to suffer under scum perps like this woman did. Not sure about Norristown, but Pennsylvania blessed us with Santorum.


This has nothing to do with conservative views or liberal views. This has to do with stupid people enacting stupid laws. Laws that turn innocent people into criminals. I'm a conservative and would hope anyone that's open to fixing these issues would put differences aside.


US House Republicans let the Violence Against Women Act expire at the end of 2012 after 18 years of existence. Too bad the same didn't occur to the Patriot Act sooner.

You can fix an issue by legislation if you don't get stonewalled or voted against because of party differences. It certainly is a stupid law, but there are those willing to let it live who aren't able to put aside differences. Anyone who has compassion these days is out of step with conservatives.

Silent Sufferer

I use to have confidence in our judicial system until I became a target of a psycho rapist who placed a date rape drug in my drink and the situation resulted in an unplanned pregnancy. Since he knew the legal system and I was clueless he was able to entrap me with police that resulted in criminal charges. He then proceeded to have his mother call the local news to run a story that further set up my future detriment by claiming I had a child as a result of incest as this man is my cousin. As a result of their cunning planning against me I have been a victim of constant outcasting from all community supports and neighbors due to these two attackers sending my criminal record and the news story ran in the local paper to ALL school districts I move into, they knock on my neighbors doors and hand them these documents creating a constant isolation and hardship for my children and myself.I have been literally ran out of neighborhoods, housing authorities refuse to provide me with housing support,my family has disowned me due to these attacks and embarrassing problems. Leaving me with only these psychotic attackers to turn to in my time in need, They rented an apt right across the street from me. For ten years they have bullied me, beat me up and hospitalized me, intimidated me, threatened to kill me if I press charges, etc. The police who are mainly men do not provide protection. Last christmas morning my attacker showed up at my home and broke my window. The cops ran a report and they told me they gave him a citation, and they lied. They never gave him a citation and took his word that I broke my own window. My kids cant go outside without having a gang of neighborhood children who are older than them beat them up and bloody their noses. When I call the police the police act like I am over reacting and they never take my harrassment serious.These people have strategically created a situation in which my word is worth nothing and nobody helps me in my community due to the fact I had a child out of incest.Even though I have been gaining the courage to tell authorities that my pregnancy was the result of a rape, they still have a level of hate towards us.Our silent suffering at the hands of the very organizations that are meant to help us has been the worst part of this terrible tragedy. I feel voiceless and helpless.We are dirt poor, have no resources, and are completely stuck dealing with this constant harrassment because nobody wants to get involved or they hate us and attack us themselves calling us inbreds, incest, screaming at us when we leave our homes to move.This domestic violence goes further than just your traditional fighting and it has completely ruined my life.Before I was date raped and it wasnt date rape, i was with a bunch of friends, I has only 2 semesters until I had completed my Biomedical Engineering Degree.Now the university I attended wont accept me back into the program because of the incest newsletter and criminal record that was forced upon me by my abusers.They entrapped me.I never had a record until I turn 32 years old and after 33 years old I never committed any other crimes because I am not a criminal.I have proof finally through the department of welfare.Last year my abusers threatened the welfare department.They told them that if they did not proceed with pressing welfare fraud charges on me and remove my welfare benefits, that they were going to destroy my welfare case workers life by having her fired from her job.This was my first big break through with proving to the world the severity of the abuse I have under gone and still endure through. These abusers actually enjoy watching their long planned out attacks successfully take effect in my life through them manipulating law enforcement and other state/federal agencies.They get a high and thrill off of it. Allegheny county pennsylvania is the most laid back county in PA and they have the highest rate of domestic violence. After ten years of hoping these sick psychopaths will just go away if I ignore them and watchinig how they are gaining some sick enjoyment out of watching me and my kids suffer, I have decided that I am not going to be ignored any longer. I have tried and tried and tried to access help to no avail. I have called every single agency I could think of for the past ten years to be told they couldnt help me, my case was to complicated for their assistance.These people even intercept my mail which is a federal offense. If I have to call the Governor or the President of the United States to get help and to find justice I will go to what ever extent I have to. I am tired of watching these sick abusive people getting let off the hook legally because our legal system has to many holes and they fall right through.We need to implement lie detector testing and bring these secret cunning and behind the scenes criminal to justice.I am tired of watching all authority just blow off the cries of us silent sufferers who use the media and legal system to falsify criminal charges and destroy our reputation. Internet slander of our character to discredit us victims. We are the victims BUT we are treated like the criminals


Where is the help
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Your afraid to reach out because they have your phones tapped


My story is your story
Dawn Bundy
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Saint George Utah

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