Betsy DeVos Is Pushing a Terrible Double Standard on College Campuses

This piece originally ran at The Washington Post

In her proposed rules governing the treatment of sexual harassment and assault claims on college campuses and K-12 schools, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has managed to achieve exactly what the law she is enforcing prohibits: discrimination on the basis of sex.

The Education Department is charged with enforcing Title IX of the Civil Rights Act, which bans sex discrimination in schools receiving federal funding, but DeVos’s proposed rules would create a systemic double standard: They treat claims of discrimination based on sex fundamentally differently from claims of discrimination based on race — also forbidden under federal law. The Education Department offers no justification whatsoever for the disparities, and while women are, of course, accustomed to such differential treatment, that’s exactly what Title IX was designed to eliminate.

What are these double standards? Let us count the ways.

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Ms. Gloria Anasyrma

Ms. DeVos doesn't look like someone that anybody would want to herass.


Don't know why she doesn't just shut down all the Universities, like Trump did the government earlier this year.

Blackstone's Lo...

The first principal of the ACLU must be protection of the innocent.

This means forcing the state (or the school) to prove its case. This means accusers confront the accused, even if that is uncomfortable for the accuser. The ACLU has defended Nazis, Klansmen, murderers, rapists and the like in support of the principles of due process and civil liberties. What mattered was not the evil nature of the defendant, but the vindication of the principles of liberty.

I say the ACLU owes the same zealous defense to the rights of these young college men accused of the most heinous acts sexual harassment. The ACLU stood up for the Scottsboro Boys accused of rape. It should not fail our young college men, even if they are white, and even if they be middle class. Today, the lynch mob comes from the left, and the ACLU must stand up to it, even if they don't wear sheets.


Mr. Cole, in the Wall Street Journal comment section, you deliberately wrote that the democratic State of Israel is the moral equivalent of apartheid in South Africa. You have a fixation about Israel. I have lived in both Israel and South Africa. You have no idea how you express your not so subtle anti-Semitism. Take it from me, a tall, blonde, blue-eyed convert to Judaism. I hear you loud and clear. I know you as I know my Christian anti-Semitic Family. You may be whatever you want, write what you want.

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