The Army Should Assign Roles Based on Merit, Not Gender

This piece originally appeared on The Guardian.

During my deployment to Iraq in 2007, the IED that hit my vehicle did not discriminate between male and female soldiers. During my deployment to Afghanistan in 2004, I accompanied combat arms soldiers on “door-kicking” missions, searching the women in remote villages. I carried out this unofficial duty in addition to my official combat support job – women in the US military were officially barred from serving in combat units until 2013.

For the 13 years that I have served in the United States Army Reserve, I’ve always known that women have what it takes to lead and execute in modern warfare, which is why it came as no surprise that two women will be the first female graduates of Ranger School. For me, this was always a question of when — never if.

As a plaintiff in the lawsuit against the Department of Defense’s combat exclusion policy in 2012, I pointed out that the inability to enroll in elite schools such as Ranger School simply due to gender constituted structural discrimination. This automatic rejection puts female soldiers and officers at a disadvantage for future assignment choices and career advancement.

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Women in the military is nothing but a political joke. The sole purpose is to tear down men, who were created biologically and physically stronger then women. Yes you may find two women out of 150 million who can achieve something spectacular but it is rare.
Men will always dominate physically. That's why you don't see women playing in the NFL, MLB, NBA or boxing against men.
Also any women who are put on the front lines to fight, if they are captured will be raped. It happened during the Gulf War as presented on PBS.


The US is actually lagging behind some of our allies, Israel among them, in allowing women in combat roles. The success of woman soldiers in the Israeli military puts the blatant lie to your idea that women will underperform in combat.




Angry American target? ACLU

ACLU does what it does and as the silent majority allows this, the end result is that the ACLU has created angry Americans

We are sick and tired of your stupidity of your so-called fight for the minority which resulted in enslaving the majority, (only because the majority was silent).

The majority rejects toleration, diversity, integration, assimulation and rejects the celebration of minority under threat of so-called laws that financially punish the majority.

ACLU has forced government to create laws that punish the majority but the ACLU has failed to change the hearts and minds of the majority.

Nor will ACLU ever change the hearts and minds, minorities who live in America must assimulate to the majority traditions, values and ideology; no ands, if or buts about it.

Good Day!


Is that Spiro Agnew? It is good for you to speak freely about how you feel and to get input from people to find out how everyone feels about everything. Still, what does your post have to do with letting women who want to work within special and elite jobs have the right to volunteer and serve if they make it through the rigors of such training?

Warren Peace

Say what you will about women, they might not betray us like Petraeus.


I quite agree; no roles in the military should be denied due to gender, race, etc. So let's start requiring young women to register for Selective Service.


Sounds reasonable or maybe letting the rich who send the soldiers to war fight their own fights.

Stay Informed