Young Americans Talk About the Constitution

Do college-age kids care about the Constitution? Do they even know about it? See what some University of Mississippi students have to say about our nation’s founding document. They speak angst and hope, knowing their future depends on defending what the Constitution stands for.

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Join us in speaking up, and pledge to vote your values. Join these students in telling the candidates, loud and clear: "You can’t ignore the Constitution."

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Your Constitution Voter Message to political candidates misses an important and explicit part of the constitution. It is the Second Ammendment which pits those that fight for our Civil Right against those kritocratic politicians and organizations that seek to violate our civil rights. Wake up and smell the cordite. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is the one civil right that the ACLU does not like and refuses to defend. What a pity, HYPOCRACY and BIGOTRY by the ACLU. You may want to tell politicians you cannot ignore the constitution, but you should first look in the mirror and say, you can't pick and choose your civil rights.

Robert Hillman

The un has destroyed thousands of lives
without guns but with Sanctions

destroys families and parents rights
the CONSTITUTION must me upheld
the 911 attacks were KNOWN ABOUT

Samuel Deerman

Wow, I can't believe all the conspiracy theories being throw around here. If we want to improve out life and our country we first have to stop thinking the government and the UN are secret societies out to get us, that the government is run by one corrupt man , or that we have no say in our government because we don't always get our way. We waste too many time , money, and other resources pushing these sad theories instead focusing in on real environmental, legal and finacial issues.


The north american union is no conspiracy theory, it's pretty damn real. Im suprised the aclu has no plan of action for taking down the repulsive federal reserve, which is the biggest problem facing our freedoms right now.

Philip Winterhof

Since I can't find a main office e-mail address, I am a young American, so I'll just post this here.

The War on drugs is Unconstitutional underneath the Second Amendment
Merriam Webster arm
1 a: a means (as a weapon) of offense or defense; especially: firearm b
I use drugs to combat...
time is takes to eat food, sleeplessness, social paranoia, the difficulty of dancing, understanding philosophy, creating art, freeing up speech, biding time, the cost of alcohol, your personal financial situation if you sell, interpersonal bonding and relationships, the boredom of not being high, etc.
2c: a branch or lateral shoot of a plant
Marijuana is in.
4: a narrow extension of a larger area, mass, or group
Every single drug industry is an arm of the global economy legal or not.
9: a functional division of a group, organization, institution, or activity
As a part of the global economy taxes could be fairly shared amongst all people and industries. Also many problems result from the illegalization of trade and possession.
Every item that has a purpose or use is liable to be traded amongst people. Illegalization of possession of trade causes problems for the people/ militia. These deregulations include but are not limited to,
Fear of possession- A deregulation to the industry on the whole by scaring away customers, as well as the mental stability of patrons.
Time of imprisonment- A reason for fear; time imprisoned causes many losses to people who are subjected of it; loss of employment, loss of scholarships, loss of time for personal gain, and causes adversity to interpersonal relations.
Legal Fees- there is nothing to suggest that a patron of these industries has money to spend on court fees, jail time costs, or any other government required treatment, especially considering the loss of employment, or loss of scholarship. Legal fees for those who sell, although these people are more probable to have the funds to pay fees, the industry should be a legal one, and as it is now, entrepreneurial people are having their money taken from them which could have paid for food, clothes, schooling, or any other good or service.
Social Distortion- a person often relates to those whose situations are similar, convicts have two choices, to associate with other convicts who decide to never break the law again, or rejoin the drug culture. Some choose either, but one problem is the mix between the two, the people in society who have not been caught doing drugs, but are people who do them recreationally, these people are in society, and there is a good chance recovering drug users will need to associate with these people at some time, and seeing their lives not being messed up may lead the convict to possess these items again.
The logical problem with illegalization of possession- A police officer is not permitted to break the laws he enforces. Police officers today take drugs away from people who have them, as such they possess them. Any item that is illegal should be quarantined on the spot, destroyed on an atomic level, and then buried. There is no need for the police to take them back to the impound, considering that they do not keep dead bodies there, or present the dead body in court as evidence. Pictures should suffice for evidence of misdeed. There is no organization that can possess these things without breaking the law themselves.
The 2nd amendment by this extension protects peoples’ rights to possess any item that is not stolen.
The current jurisdiction on possession of a nuclear weapon by the supreme court is that the right to have them is denied to the people despite the 2nd amendment.

The reason for this is that if people could just go buy a nuclear weapon, then they could cause destruction on a scale that would ruin part of the nation with any infraction of the law against murder if the murder was caused by a nuke.

The relation between one and the other is that if drugs were legal to purchase the entire nation is liable to spiral into addiction and loss of life.

These are the only things I can say in response,

The right to bear arms is protected for the people, not denied for the people within the constitution.

As far as ownership of nuclear weapons goes, I feel only that there are not enough regulations for and of the industry; there should be strict regulations on the psychological status of any person who wants to own such a weapon. Also I believe that every nuclear weapon in the world should be linked to the United Nations, in that any use of these weapons must be approved by the U.N. before the weapon is even allowed to become active.

As far as drugs go, the same ideal applies that there must be regulations for the people and the industry, for instance all companies or corporations should display a warning from the surgeon general similar to cigarettes, but applicable to whichever one it is applied to.

As for addiction there already exist organizations across the nation to aid against addiction AA, NA, as well as thousands of private clinics.

Basically, the Constitution gives me the right to have these things, and it is a problem of the government, and not my own, if there are not enough regulations set in place

Dana Whitlock

I would like some feedback, guidance etc, on this son was not allowed to play in a basketball game -not even dress out with hi team, because he missed 1 practice to attend a christmas church program. The coach had been notified via email & voicemail....

Dana Whitlock

please email me at

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