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What's the Difference Between Force Feeding and Waterboarding?

What's the Difference Between Force Feeding and Waterboarding?

By Zak Newman, ACLU Washington Legislative Office at 10:02am
The Department of Defense this month publicly released its newest rationalization for the abusive force-feeding program at Guantánamo Bay. In this latest memo on hunger strike policies, the abusive force-feeding program is referred to as "medical intervention."
Voter Registration is Good for Your Health

Voter Registration is Good for Your Health

By Faith Barksdale, Legal Assistant, ACLU at 12:00am

Are voter registration opportunities good medicine? For the one-third of uninsured Americans who are also not registered to vote it would appear so. When people sign up for health care through the Affordable Care Act, they should also have the opportunity…

This Week in Civil Liberties (03/21/2014)

This Week in Civil Liberties (03/21/2014)

By Rekha Arulanantham, ACLU at 3:27pm

This week the ACLU filed a lawsuit challenging which state's ban on marriage for same-sex couples?

True or false: by law, if you complained about problems with accommodations for pumping breast milk at work, your employer must respond appropriately…

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Police Brutality and Deaf People

By Talila A. Lewis, Founder, HEARD at 1:13pm

Robert Kim, Pearl Pearson, Jonathan Meister...

These are the most recent additions to the long list of deaf people who have been brutally assaulted by police officers for what has been described by officers as failure to respond to officers'…

Obama Baseball Card: You're Out! (of the country) 2 Million Deportations!

Three Ways We Got to 2 Million

By Neema Singh Guliani, ACLU Washington Legislative Office at 11:35am

As the Administration is poised to reach the 2 million deportation mark, the question we all should be asking is not just why but how?

In its first five years, the Obama Administration has deported about twice as many people as the Bush Administration…

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Fighting Against Phony Location Privacy Protections in the States

By Allie Bohm, Advocacy & Policy Strategist, ACLU at 9:44am

A new battleground has opened up in the war over who has access to our electronic data trails: legislation is now being debated in states across the country to require a warrant for law enforcement access to location information in criminal investigations.…

No One Tells Mamma to "Just Go Home!"

No One Tells Mamma to "Just Go Home!"

By Galen Sherwin, ACLU Women's Rights Project at 12:12pm

Imagine you have just returned from maternity leave, still nursing your baby, and you find that your workplace has no place available for you to pump breast milk.  After trying for several hours to find a place, you ask for help from your department…

When My Wife Died I Got a Bill for $300,000

When My Wife Died I Got a Bill for $300,000

By Midori Fujii, Plaintiff in Fujji, et al. v. Indiana Governor, et al. at 11:04am

As a lesbian of Asian descent, I hear not very kind comments based on gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation often enough. Most of the time I can blame ignorance, not take it personally, and not let it bother me. But the way I was treated when my…

PCLOB to Examine Legal Underpinnings of NSA Surveillance

PCLOB to Examine Legal Underpinnings of NSA Surveillance

By Brett Max Kaufman, Legal Fellow, ACLU National Security Project at 10:54am

Today, the ACLU’s Jameel Jaffer will appear before the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board as its members question government officials, privacy advocates, law professors, and policy experts about the government’s surveillance programs…

Dice Raw

We Shouldn't Arrest One More Person for Having Marijuana

By Dice Raw, Grammy Award-Nominated Singer/Songwriter at 3:16pm

I had a homie who was arrested for having an ounce of weed that was just for his personal use. He had full custody of his four children and still did 8 long months. My friend hasn't been the same since, to be quite honest, and I just can't…