***Before we start, there is one important idea we want to share with you. This paper is a way of writing the words that the lawyers used in a way that is easier for more people to understand. If this paper and the Settlement Agreement written by the lawyers are different, then everyone will follow the Settlement Agreement and not this paper.***

The case has taken a few years to get to this point. At the same time, DCS has already made some changes to rules and how they work.

The Plaintiff lawyers think that this agreement is good for all Deaf and Hard of Hearing people who have supervision with DCS. They think this is better than asking the judge to decide.

It costs both sides a lot of money to keep working on this case. Both sides have decided that this agreement now is better to save money.

Both sides have made promises, asked for some changes, and made agreements that are listed in this paper. The lawyers for both sides worked to write this down. Both sides agree to follow what is written here.